Except for that poorly edited climax fight (which would have made the film a totally overwhelming one if executed perfectly), Mardaani from Pradeep Sarkar is a really good cinema that solely focuses on a contemporary issue without any sort of sloppy preaching. With realistic visualisations and sensible characterizations supported by well written dialogues, Mardaani definitely deserves appreciation.

The story focuses on the issue of human trafficking. Shivani Shivaji Roy is a crime branch police officer who is quite bold in her field and has a clean track record. On a particular day an orphan girl whom she knows from the Juvenile home goes missing and the concerned Shivani goes behind the issue. Shivani’s attempt to hunt down the mighty network that runs this ugly business of human trafficking is the core of Mardaani.

Well for Malayaless I believe the theme is something very familiar through films like Karmayodha and Thira. To taste success in this sort of a genre I think you need to do it in its realistic best keeping in mind the taste of the audience you are targeting. By mixing raw treatment and commercial entertainment in a perfect way, writer Gopi Puthran and Pradeep Sarkar makes Mardaani appealing, engaging and communicating. The way each and every character speaks in the movie is quite fresh and that helps the movie a lot in establishing its relevance.

On screen Rani Mukerji has done a commendable job as Shivani Shivaji Roy. Shivani needed energy and a less cheesy outlook as she was a fearless police officer and Rani has done it nicely. Tahir Bhasin was extremely good as the antagonist and I hope Mardaani would give him that break. Priyanka Sharma, Jisshu Sengupta and many others in the star cast did a good performance.

Pradeep Sarkar has taken away one thing quite prominent in his cinemas – melodrama. Gopi Puthran has paced the screenplay very elegantly and the movie never loses its focus. Dialogues were interesting. One thing I found as a missing is the solution. May be they don’t want it to be preachy. The climax fight was a bit over ambitious and the lack of perfection in the execution takes away one possible whistle from a typical viewer. That song in the end was good. Fairly good action and nice background score.

So to sum it up, Mardaani is worth watching because of its performances and less dramatic presentation. I am giving the movie a 3.5/5. Let’s hope we won’t have to see one more cinema with the same topic.

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