Masala Republic

masala-republic-movie-reviewIt is an attempt to create a good sarcasm over certain contemporary developments in our society that did not achieved its goal. However, with an overloaded script that tries too hard to make a spoof over everything in its vicinity, Masala Republic directed by Visakh G S fails in becoming a hilarious variety. The best part of the film is its content’s original feel.

The story uses the recent developments in Kerala where many Bengali workers are coming here for a job. Their use of Pan Masala is given the primary focus. The cancer causing habit gets a ban from government and SI Shambhu is given the charge to make sure that the ban is effective. Shambu’s efforts to find the big mafia working behind this and the side dramas happening around it are what Masala Republic talking about.

It uses the recent scenarios in that spoofy manner. The Rishiraj Singh efforts, the nature of Malayalees to capitalize on anything that comes their way, the foolishness of common people to fall for wrong products and also the Government attitude that demands these anti-smoking/ pan masala/ gudka ads before movies but don’t do anything to ban it in real world etc. are used to build this sarcastic film. The problem is that they are trying too much to get involved in many areas. The plot just moves on to the higher levels of literal masala and you feel somewhat exhausted.

With his physique and unique timing in comedy Indrajith easily becomes that unique actor who could play the role of Shamhu. The second best performer in my view was P Balachandran who played the role of that fragile NNS leader very nicely. Those actors who played the roles of the Bengalis in the movie had that required energy. Mamukoya, Shine, Soubin, Shrinda, Vinay Forrt Vinayakan, Aparna Nair and many others in the elaborate cast have done a good job. Sunny Wayne does not have much to do in the movie.

I liked the direction that treated the humor neatly. The cost effective shooting with sync sound (hope I am not wrong) also gave a good impression about the making. The dialogues are natural. The negative factor of the movie is the uneven screenplay. A congested feel is there for the screenplay and the story does not really move in the second half. Many things like the morphed videos (lame) were kind of a misfit for the treatment. Cinematography and music are just okay. I liked the BGM.

Overall, Masala Republic is a fresh theme that got derailed because of a heavy screenplay. It has performances and some interesting sarcasm to keep you interested in the plot. My impression on the movie is that it is an average product. Take a sip of this “fresh juice” if you are open to experiments. Rating is 2.5/5 for Masala Republic.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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