The basic story of Arya’s new flick Meaghamann is something very simple and we have seen it in films like Pokkiri. But director Magizh Thirumeni has treated the content in a particular way that it will impress you overall. With lesser exaggerations compared to a normal Tamil action thriller and impressive visualization, Meaghamann ends up as a good entertainer.

Spoiler Alert: The movie reveals some important points in the beginning itself so it will be difficult for me to give a brief about the plot without revealing those points.  Siva is a mysterious member in the gang of Jothi bhai who is the king of the underworld in Goa. Some unusual happenings in the usual activities of the gang make the other members doubt Siva about his intentions. In the mean time Siva, who is an undercover agent plans to arrest Jothi Bhai with the help of Goa and Maharashtra police during a deal that him and his partner in operation planned. How obstacles come in the way of this mission and how ultimately Siva confronts Jothi Bhai is the content of Meaghamann.

Magizh Thirumeni breaks the convention in the first 15 minutes itself by revealing the so called suspense which we have seen many times. Where the director scores is in stylizing the content. And also he has included some freshness in certain buildups. There is a shootout scene towards the interval of the movie which was constructed beautifully. The action sequences are somewhat good as it doesn’t look too much of a super heroism. The one misfit in the movie was the romance track which stood out. But on the brighter side, it looked good separately with Hansika’s character being a bit too rough and lazy.

On screen it doesn’t look like a challenging role for Arya except for certain action sequences. Hansika’s character is a different type of bubbly/stupid female lead. Ashutosh Rana was really good as the intense villain Jothi. Many more are there in the star cast and all of them were good in their respective characters.

The direction of Magizh Thirumeni is impressive. With a better script that will have more fresh elements, I think this director can make more action thrillers that are appealing to the masses. Script as I said lacks freshness in content but manages to impress with its approach towards certain scenes. The character played by Hansika is really unnecessary when you look at the screenplay, but Magizh Thirumeni has written those parts nicely. Nice cinematography and good action choreography. Songs and BGMs are really good. Edits also showed quality.

Overall Meaghamann was a very nice action thriller that succeeds in entertaining you. The rating for Arya’s Meaghamann is 3/5.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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