Mechanic Resurrection

The latest Jason Statham movie Mechanic Resurrection is like an amateur compilation of most of Statham’s hero centric films.  Coming as a sequel to the 2011 movie The Mechanic, this one has no real juice in the story and ultimately it’s the old school formula of kidnap, blackmail and revenge. The developments in Mechanic Resurrection are too dull for you to feel any sort of excitement.

Arthur Bishop, our main protagonist after his narrow escape from the gas station is living a sort of secret life in Brazil until a group of people finds out his identity as a hit man. His attempt to invade them ultimately ended up in a series of events which lead to a relationship between him and a girl named Gina. Well, our antagonists takes her as bait and forces Bishop to do the one thing he is good at. How Bishop deals with the assigned missions is what Mechanic Resurrection dealing with.

Like I said, it is the used out formula of forcing the hero to do something by kidnapping his girlfriend. The only way they could have made the movie a bit more exciting was by making the possible three set pieces look terrific and exciting on screen. But there also the film isn’t a complete winner. You have Statham doing some nasty fist fights and with the help of crispy edits, those punches look bloody good. But the funny thing about these missions is that, our main antagonist narrates all these jobs as the most difficult mission in the whole world (as if Ethan Hunt wont even dares to do them). But as the movie approaches these plot points, Bishop just uses the typical methods to do it. Honestly none of them looked like an accident.

German director Dennis Gansel cant really make the movie a gripping thriller. For a larger chunk of the runtime, the movie looks very gloomy. Even when it starts to look like a Mission Impossible sort of film, there is this lack of energy. The writing looks very clichéd in terms of creating genuine plot points. The movie runs largely on the set pieces which weren’t that mind blowing and very less concern was given to the intrigue the content should have had. The edits in the beginning areas looked disjoint. The stunts at times are a bit too much to digest and the visual effects are just okay.

As always, Jason Statham shows off his body with that grumpy expression.  Jessica Alba looks stunning and was okay for a character that doesn’t really require much beyond on screen hotness. Tommy Lee Jones is there in a role which looks like an extended cameo.

Mechanic Resurrection is an unexciting film with half baked set pieces and a really ordinary story. Good thing is that the movie’s runtime is just 100 minutes.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

Mechanic Resurrection is an unexciting film with half baked set pieces and a really ordinary story.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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