Meme Boys

Meme Boys, the new Sony Liv original series, is a lazily written stretched-out series that asks the viewer, “is it funny?” in every minute of its narrative. Some of the murmuring counters with Tamil movie references were actually funny. But in totality, this series feels like an idea developed without much clarity about where to go.

The series is set in this deemed university named Apoorva University. It gets this new dean named Narayanan, who prefers an autocratic way of administration. A group of students from the college decided to participate in a meme fest, and they started this Meme Boys page. This page aimed to expose the flaws in the university through memes, but the dean was totally against this move. The dean’s efforts to find the people behind the page is what we see in Meme Boys.

In the beginning episodes, director Arun Kaushik seems overly excited about making this unrefined comedy. He uses match cuts and stuff to make the visual narration fast and zippy. But the cluelessness and the lack of novelty start to hit the content by the time it reaches the third or fourth episode. And instead of flashy style, Kaushik and his writers are tweaking every moment in the series to be funny. The Vadivelu comedy-like eccentricity doesn’t work when your plot is just bland.

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On-screen, the only performance that worked for me was from Siddharth. His dialogue rendering had that genuineness that made the performance much more fun. Jayanth and Namritha were fine in their respective roles. Adithya Bhaskar was the most disappointing performer in the lot. The extremely talented Guru Somasundaram is trying his best to reduce the caricature tone of his character. But the writing offers zero help to him.

Meme Boys is not that content that is driven by conflict or characters. The only aim is to make scenes funnier. After introducing us to the world of meme fest, the series ignores that aspect of the plot. The central idea of the series is a tech ignorant moral policing patriarch versus a liberal and woke young generation conflict. Even though the script is taking the side of the title characters, the spoon-feeding level of the writing somewhere underestimates the cyber education of the audience.

When you hear the name of the series, you will get a feeling that it will give you some insider perspective on how a well-appreciated meme is created. But Meme Boys somewhere ignores this core thing that is there even in its title and goes after slapstick stuff which frankly tests your patience.

Final Thoughts

Meme Boys somewhere ignores this core thing that is there even in its title and goes after slapstick stuff which frankly tests your patience.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.