Mr. Marumakan

For those who feel that films like Mayamohini are excellent or good Mr. Marumakan will be a satisfying entertainer. For me Mayamohini was an average film with extra dose of adult jokes. When it comes to Mr. Marumakan, only thing that can be said as a positive is the reduction of non veg jokes. Apart from that this Sandhyamohan film is not at all a complete entertainer. Sibi- Udayan team hasn’t tried anything new to make it interesting. Usual spontaneous jokes, cliché melodrama and above all, the kind of old Rajnikanth style heroism that doesn’t suit the central protagonist.

The movie revolves around the character Ashok Raj/ Ashok Chakravarthy, who is an llb graduate but interested in making dramas. Through circumstances he meets a person Balasubramanyam, who is a close friend of his father. From the knowledge from his father that during their younger days they have promised to tie knot between Ashok Raj and Balasubramanyam’s daughter Rajalakshmi, Ashok decides to go and meet the girl. But Ashok soon realizes that Balasubramanyam’s family life is not going that smooth and his family is a female dominated one. How Ashok plans to take away the feudal arrogance from the female minds of that family and how he accomplishes it is the story of Mr. Marumakan.

The plot itself is quite straight forward and a bit too childish. The first half of the movie is predictable and at the same time enjoyable. It is sad to see Dileep promoting himself though songs that praises him. This is supposed to be family movie and Dileep has the image of a family man. But this kind of self boosting can only entertain his fans. When it comes to the second half, the melodrama overdose comes into play and spoils the fun. Films like CID Moosa are entertaining because the amount of nonsense and things that make sense are mixed in a nice way. But in Mr Marumakan some of the nonsense things are embedded as sensible things.

Performance wise, Dileep fits into the role nicely. Bhagyaraj and Khushbu were fine. Sanusha and Sheela were disappointing. Sheela’s acting felt bizarre in the pivotal scene in the second half having Dileep, Khushbu and herself. It was nice to see Kaviyoor Ponnamma after a long while. Bijumenon, Nedumudi, Baburaj and Salim Kumar did justice to their roles. Brief roles for Sai Kumar and Riyas Khan.

Direction of Sandhyamohan is average. Script of Udayan and Sibi is an as usual one with shades of their earlier works like Inspector Garud. Main disadvantage of the movie I felt is the kind of heroism the script gave to the central protagonist. Some of the moves are kind of cool, like the bidding scene. But some are absolutely out of sync of the movie, like Sanusha- Dileep romantic song, Involvement of Riyas Khan- Sai Kumar team. And the key element they used for taking away the arrogance from the ladies was such an outdated one. Music is average. The title song has a slice of BGM that is copied from a hindi song. Mahesh Narayanan’s editing showed some disturbance at the beginning.

Overall, Mr Marumakan is below the expected level of entertainment. It has its own fun elements. But overall the movie is a typical Udaya Krishna Sibi K Thomas stuff with nothing great to offer. I am giving a generous 2/5 for this so called family entertainer.

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Final Thoughts

It has its own fun elements. But overall the movie is a typical Udaya Krishna Sibi K Thomas stuff with nothing great to offer.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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