I do admit that the last 15 or 20 minutes had the amount of comedy we expected from an entertainer named Mudhugauv. But the issue with the film is its build up till that point. With juvenile nature of content in those portions comprising of a usual filmy love story with no attraction, Mudhugauv can’t approach its interesting premise in an exciting way. But luckily the second half has the quirky elements and thus the movie manages to grab that watchable tag.

Bharath is an electronics and communication engineering student and he happens to meet a girl named Ganga. After the routine stalking they end up in a relationship. In the meantime a don named Rambo was in town for a man hunting. The film revolves around the incidents that happen after an event which sort of connects both of them in a peculiar way.

It is this Delhi Belly kind of movie (I think both movies share the same genre : Caper Thriller); two different parallel stories having a common point. As I said, the climax which sort of looked like a budget version of Kili Poyi climax had the element of fun with some witty spoofing on Gangster life plus BGM having the classic Mudhugauv music. If the build up of both stories (Love story of Bharath and the sudden revenge thirst of Rambo) had that exciting crispness instead of the comical nature, the film would have worked wonderfully as a popcorn entertainer.

Vipin Das starts the movie in a really exciting way giving us a well captured lengthy single shot and the retro villain feel was recreated impressively. But after the intro of the hero the screenplay started to look pretty ordinary. Sudden romance, not so convincing ways of making it look like a relationship etc drags the movie. Even Rambo looks like a Caricature (more than what he should have been). Screenplay finds the correct pulse towards the second half and there were moments worth laughing. The cinematography was impressive and the songs were nice. BGM was fine. The edits needed a bit more fine tuning. Art direction wasn’t that great.

Gokul Suresh has a cute face, but the acting part really needs a lot of improvement. Arthana also works only as a pretty face ( The I think … I thank.. scenes were really boring). Vijay Babu was fine as the indifferent villain Rambo. Baiju in his typical Trivandrum slang was okay as the police officer. Soubin and Hareesh has played the role of Kumari and Puthari in their typical style (Ernakulam and Kozhikode slang) and both of them offers light moments of humor. Indrans was also good.

To sum it up, I would say Mudhugauv has equal amount of flaws and pluses. If the two stories had a more raw treatment, it would have been catchier. The rating is a generous 2.5/5 from a person who gave four stars to Delhi Belly.

Rating :2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Mudhugauv has equal amount of flaws and pluses. If the two stories had a more raw treatment, it would have been catchier.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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