Mullamottum Munthiricharum

Director Aneesh Anwar’s “Mullamottum Munthiricharum” is a miserable movie that runs with the aid of clichés. In fact it’s a festival of clichés. Scene after scene it was predictable and the mixing of emotions was totally awkward. Around 20 minutes of the film at the end is totally stretched out.

The movie is about Jose aka Churuttu Jose played by Indrajith. He is like the all in all in the village. No specific job. He helps the mighty ones in the village in cases where man handling is required. He catches snakes. He is the beloved of the village priest. A portion of his life which makes him think about having a proper order and aim in life is the core of the movie.

We have seen many characters in the celluloid that starts of as hard hearted and ends up in being nice and humble. Jose played by Indrajith also belongs to this category. But the script is too brittle that it can’t make the audience feel the bad side of Jose’s attitude and can’t justify the cause of him being nice. The inclusions of characters were at times very disturbing. The character of Ananya was given unwanted screen presence while the main female lead played by Meghna was sidelined to give only some expressions.
As I mentioned earlier the scenes are simply outdated clichés. The same old melodrama is repeated here. There is no charm for Biju K Joseph’s script that really runs around Jose in totally different levels.

The only good thing about the movie is the performance of Indrajith. It is really sad to see an actor of his caliber going after such pathetic scripts. He has conveyed all emotions beautifully. While Ananya disappoints with over acting, Meghna finds it difficult to do something other than smiling and crying. Thilakan delights the audience in his Father avatar. Ashokan and Tini Tom have done their part neatly, but the necessity of those characters will be difficult to explain.

Direction is average. Some efforts are there to make it a technically strong movie. But unfortunately it was limited to the duet song. The script is below average and the dialogs aren’t that touching. Sujith Vasudev has done some efforts in making the movie visually attractive. Music of Mohan Sithara was below average and almost all the songs were not in sync with the flow of the movie.

Overall, Mullamottum Munthirichaarum from Aneesh Anwar is a test of patience for a run time of around 02:30:00 Hours. It has nothing fresh in it and the making is also not impressive. I am giving 1.5/5 for this Indrajith starrer.

Final Thoughts

Mullamottum Munthirichaarum from Aneesh Anwar is a test of patience for a run time of around 02:30:00 Hours.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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