Murder 3

With the third edition of the Murder franchise, Vishesh films and debutant director Vishesh Bhatt have gone one more step closer in murdering the brand name. The entire story is built around an arguably silly element of a secret room in a big home. The poor and simple scripting makes the movie a typical Bhatt camp product and even the smooches and skin shows will not be enough to satisfy the audience.

Vikram is a young photographer. To achieve greater career heights he along with his girl friend Roshni shifts to Bombay. Vikram’s close association with his work associate makes things uncomfortable for Roshni and with the help of her house owner Roshni decides to test the love of her boy friend. The whole plot is around this testing where Roshni goes missing and a new girl Nisha comes in to the life of Vikram. What happened to Roshni, how Nisha helps Roshni and the real intentions of Vikram are narrated in this poorly crafted drama.

The one and only problem with the movie is its script that is hard to digest. While Murder franchise is famous for fake Murders, this version does not really have any murder- fake or real. The movie is an official remake of Colombian film The Hidden Face, but the content doesn’t really fit to the title. While the entire first half and a major portion of the second half is half baked with too much serious air around it, a few moments towards the end where Roshni tries to interact with Nisha offers some fun.

On screen, Randeep Hooda continues to play the same role that he has been doing for the past few films and doing something different would be a better option for an actor like him. Aditi Rao Hydari looks cute in her Roshni avatar and offers a fair performance. Sara Loren is there to add steam and she has done that part nicely. Rajesh Shringarpure gets a small role in this limited cast film.

In the making Vishesh Bhatt has nothing to offer as interesting or promising. He has followed the same pattern of film making that has been a style of almost all directors associated with Vishesh Films. The script is poor and predictable in the first half. The so called twist looked quite childish and the failure of the suspense factor to impress the audience derails the movie badly. The cinematography is good. Film is enjoyable mainly for its music but the placement of songs were not that correct.

Overall Murder 3 is a below average fantasy drama.  If you are still open to watching typical drama’s that hover around short term relationships, cheating and all, Murder 3 will please you. My rating for this movie is 2/5. At your risk.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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