My God

If they had taken a basic workshop on films for the children from Mr. Amole Gupte (creative director of TZP and director of movies like Stanley Ka Dabba and Hawa Hawai), either they would have improved this movie or they would have dropped the idea. My God from M Mohanan is one movie that has so much of preaching that you might even say the title many times while watching the film. Repeating the same old speech on not giving pressure on children, My God is a tedious watch with nothing to attract you.

The movie is about Sam Thottungal who is the third child of his father and mother. As his birth wasn’t there in the family planning, parents kind of showed discrimination towards Sam which resulted in a really shattering incident. The movie basically talks about the abilities and ambitions of Sam and also about that person who inspired him to do all those stuff.

Much like Balachandra Menon in “Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum”, there is this clear lack of awareness about technical side of information technology in M Mohanan’s writing. Sam gets visualized as a very young entrepreneur at one point in this film and there is practically nothing that takes him to that position. Speeches aren’t sufficient to make things look believable on screen. The victory of movies like Taare Zameen Par lies in the fact that it expressed the pain and fear of such lonely talents in the least verbal and most emotional way. When it comes to My God, its extreme melodrama and the dialogues that come from every one sounds really theatrical. Movies like this work for the audience only when they can understand the emotional dilemma of characters, but M Mohanan emphasizes peripherally on the dream of a child.

Master Adarsh performs okay as the central protagonist. Can’t blame him completely as the characterization was a little unconvincing. Suresh Gopi is there to preach in the same style he does the Kodeeshwaran show. Honey Rose was okay in her character. Sreenivasan and Lena are there in characters that doesn’t really demand them. Nothing much is there to talk about the rest of the cast.

M Mohanan’s depiction of the story is pretty much in the outdated style of film making. The dramatic scenes and the entire narration lack reality. The movie is too easy to predict and whatever that comes in the unpredictable side looks over ambitious. With the typical style of putting the image of foreign country in the backdrop of people talking from outside India, the mediocrity in the technical side only increases. The cinematography is average and the edits were poor. Nothing much amusing about the music or the background score.

“Angels in the outfield” was one not so great film which I loved in my childhood for some reason. There is a small possibility that this film may influence a few kids. The possibility of you as an adult taking your children for My God after watching the movie is quite less.

Final Thoughts

Repeating the same old speech on not giving pressure on children, My God is a tedious watch with nothing to attract you.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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