naiyaandi-reviewDirector Rajasenan may cry if he happens to see the latest Dhanush movie Naiyaandi. Explained, elaborated and exaggerated version of the classic malayalam comedy Mele Parambil Aan veedu; that’s what I can say about Naiyaandi.

The story here has the male lead falling in love with a girl whom he meets during a festival. Gradually both of them falls in love with one another and certain initiatives from the girl’s family regarding her marriage prompt them to run away from the scene. The events up to this point and the dramas after this are what the movie all about.

It’s that totally outdated tamil masala which will work for audience who haven’t seen any tamil comedy for the last five years. Indigestible “true” romance, out of sync songs, bizarre humor and a second half that kills the beauty of the original film which I mentioned in the beginning. There are a few places where you can laugh like some of the one word responses of Soori. Other than that those exaggerated lame jokes aren’t going to work for you.

On screen, there isn’t much to mention as all the characters lacked flesh. Dhanush and Nazriya have performed in an ok level and the rest of the cast are also in that same level.

Direction is outdated and this isn’t something we expect from a National award winning director. The script is also that assembled one with cluttered humor. I never knew that pregnancy check can be done by checking the pulse. Cinematography is average and the cuts are poor. Bizarre background score and uninteresting music.

Overall, that was a horrendous experience for me. With a clean and funny Mele Parambil Aan Veedu at the back of my mind, I couldn’t tolerate this poor drama. My rating is 1.5/5 for Naiyaandi. More than Nazriya, I think Rajasenan has the right to create some issues for spoiling his work.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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