Namboothiri Yuvavu @ 43

Namboothiri-Yuvavu@43 movie reviewNamboothiri Yuvavu @ 43 is a totally shoddy film that just can’t engage you. Films like Da Thadiya were made with similar intention to show the better side of the inferior, but when it comes to Namboothiri yuvavu @ 43,there is no real charm for the content. With a lot of errors in the basic script and very poor supporting cast Namboothiri yuvavu @ 43 is a forgettable cinema.

Jayanthan is a Namboothiri whose age is 43 at present and as modern day girls doesn’t like priests, he remains as a bachelor. The story here develops as Jayanthan’s friends take the matter seriously and conducts his marriage with an 18 year old girl Sangeetha. The possible issues that can rise because of the age difference, Jayanthan’s attempts to make the atmosphere comfortable for his wife and how things finally falls in track is what Namboothiri yuvavu @ 43 all about.

A lot of characters without much relevance and used up ideas to show the goodness of the central protagonist. The minister who always lands to help his friend (even in an office toilet) and rarely seen doing his job is one funny part of this movie. The casanova character played by Shravan was also an exaggerated one. A namboothiri becoming a medical rep without any basics, the guy repeatedly saying he is going to quit the job and still continuing it etc looked absolutely amateurish.  Cheesy friendship sequences are there to enhance the number of actors. A lot of predictable things happens in the movie and we keep thinking about the significance of it.

Maniyan Pilla Raju is a good choice for this kind of a character but the script doesn’t offer anything great for him to perform. The largely mute Tanushree Raghuram doesn’t have much to do except for the emotional bursting that happens in the second half. Shravan as the womanizer was horrible. Tiny Tom, Suresh Menon, Nandu, Sreedevi Unni etc are there in the star cast.

The direction is outdated and the treatment lacks maturity. Even with its small run-time, the film looked lengthy. Unimpressive humor and exaggerated events are many in the screenplay. Dialogues were amateurish. Salute to the guy who did the BGMs (horrible ideas and copied from many films). Music is just average and the songs just pop out to extend the duration.

I wont say it had the scope to be a good film. Its a generous 1.5/5 from my side. The run-time of 98 minutes is the biggest positive of the movie as it lessens the pain.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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