Need For Speed

need-for-speed-movie-reviewThe success of Need For Speed game never really depended on the story they used to say. It was always the fun of breaking laws and having a roller coaster ride on the roads with all those speed spitting machines. The new movie co produced by EA, Need For Speed also doesn’t try to make an impression on us with its storyline, but manages to keep you engaged by providing that instantaneous fun. Likeable actors and those speedy sequences with enough thrill and fun will make you feel satisfied.

Its the story of Tobey Marshall, a former car racer who is now running a garage shop. He gets an offer from his rival Dino to complete the work on a Shelby Mustang. After completion and sale of the product, there is this ego clash between Tobey and Dino which ultimately ends up in an accident where Tobey had to lose many things. The movie navigates us through the journey of Tobey in seek of revenge.

Much similar to most of the competition oriented films, here also its revenge that drives the plot. Movie doesn’t really surprise you by adding anything out of the box. But even within its predictability they have succeeded in creating some moments that keeps you interested in the small ride. There is a good on screen chemistry between Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots which makes those things happening in the too long 45 hours drive to the starting point of the final race enjoyable.  And also some ideas like the stunts done using chopper,   that one particular scene where the police car loses its axel and also some of the shots in the car chase were really good. The negative of the movie is basically the lack of freshness or innovation in the storyline.

On screen, Aaron Paul was good as Tobey and the actor conceived the intensity nicely. Imogen Poots was lovely with her sparkling eyes and cuteness in the character. And as I said earlier, the combination worked. Dominic Cooper was an average villain. Rest of the cast were okay in their respective roles.

The making focuses much on the racing side of the movie rather than its back stories. Screenplay luckily doesn’t decelerate at any point. Even though the length of the Mustang journey was lengthy, they made it enjoyable. Dialogues are okay. Visuals were impressive. Background score was also quite good.

Overall Need For Speed is an instantaneous entertainer which has the popcorn entertainment value and I wasn’t expecting anything path breaking after watching that trailer which looked like the intro video of NFS. The rating is 3/5 for Need For Speed. Sit back, sip the coffee and enjoy the speed.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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