neram-reviewWell, they have sent out the right signal through promos and songs. Alphonse Putharen’s “Neram” is an entertaining one time watch film that scores for its making. The content of the film does not have many surprises to acknowledge it as a unique venture. But the overall placement of humor in the narrative makes this movie quite an enjoyable watch.

Mathew is a young BE graduate who is jobless at present. He is in love with his schoolmate Jeena. For various needs including his sister’s marriage, Mathew has bought some money from a rude money lender Vatti Raja. The movie mainly focuses on that one day where all the headaches in Mathew’s life come to him almost simultaneously. How Mathew gets out of all these mess without much struggle (the interesting part) is what Neram all about.

You can’t really categorize Neram as a love story. Love story is only one angle of narration in the film. The film actually showcases the desperations of many people. Even the hero is unaware of how he got out of all these complications. The entire first half is used for planting the story and characters. The movie really gets into its mood in the second half and never really loses its entertaining factor. An impressive flavor of practical humor is visible throughout the film and there isn’t any portion that is completely grey.

Performance wise, Nivin definitely has made a good impression as Mathew. Naziriya is much better when compared to her performance in Mad Dad. Lalu Alex showed his experience as Johnykutty. One more to the league of Baburaj and Biju Menon is actor Shammi Thilakan with his hilarious portrayal of inspector Ukken Tintu.  Simhaa is very good as the antagonist Vatti Raja. Small and impressive performances by Manoj K Jayan and Joju George.

In the technical side, director Alphonse has handled the film smartly and with him in the editors table the film never really loses its grip. The script takes too much time to setup the canvas. But they have painted the canvas with almost all colors and the overall picture is indeed good. Dialogs are humorous and seriously I loved the sarcasm of the scene were Manoj K Jayan’s character asks Mathew about his experience in using computer. The cinematography was really an impressive one. The music is good and the use of Pistah and Beethoven’s symphony in the BG was something that adds to the adrenalin.

Overall, Neram is an enjoyable one time watch. Those who are against the so called “New Generation” films for the use of abusive words or immoral content, might find this film interesting as this one doesn’t have much non veg in it and yet maintaining a non typical feel. I am giving 3/5 and thumbs up for this venture from Alphonse Putharen and team. For a run time of just around 2 hours, Neram isn’t a bad option to kill your Neram.

Final Thoughts


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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