I found the movie NH10 as an eye opener for the urban India who kind of doesn’t know how much freedom they actually possess. Narrated in an intriguingly realistic manner, this movie from Navdeep Singh manages to transfer its agony to the viewer successfully. With its content not becoming a plane women empowerment agenda, NH10 is a gripping narration of a haunting event.

The movie basically shows the story of the couple Meera and Arjun. The working professionals decided to take a break from their busy professional life after a terrifying incident that made the atmosphere gloomy. On their way to this vacation villa, they unfortunately met with a gang of people who were trying to kill a couple in the name of honor. The urban protagonists’ tries to stop them but the lack of muscle and machinery complicates the situation ending up in a big mess. The escape plan of the couple and the torture they had to suffer in this journey is what NH10 all about.

Even though the trailer has the feeling of those Hollywood films, where the road trip of the couple going entirely wrong, the movie NH10 is actually a much better version of that. And the main reason for that is its content’s relevance. The antagonists and their supporters are visualized in a very intimidating way that you feel the danger in it rather than getting angry over it. The aim being not becoming a moralizing film, I believe director Navdeep has succeeded in creating that tension on screen. The attitude of certain class of society being orthodox have been a social issue for a while and those portions which focuses on that attitude might look a bit preachy. The climax also depicts the shift in the character in a way that leaves an uncomfortable pain in our heart.

Anushka Sharma has done complete justice to her character. The metropolitan outlook and the desperation to get out of the mess were finely portrayed by the co producer. Neil Bhoopalam was a good choice to play the role of Arjun and he also has done his part nicely.  Darshan Kumar and Deepti Naval did their antagonist part very effectively.

Navdeep Singh has tried his best to capture things at its freaking best to give us the feel of the brutal experience. It is his making that makes even the predictability in the screenplay look smart on screen. The police inspector sequence and the scene that shows Deepti Navel is a good illustration of the combined output of solid direction and smart scripting. The dialogues were less and effective. Cinematography was nice and the edits were also good. Slices of the songs that came unevenly grabbed the attention. Background score was also a well constructed one. Fights were visualized in a merciless manner. The only technical fault I could sense was in the visual effects.

Overall NH10 is a tale of torture that deserves to be watched. The rating for this Navdeep Singh movie is 3.5/5. On these days were people are debating over documentaries being made, this film does have a significance.

Final Thoughts

NH10 is a tale of torture that deserves to be watched


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.


  1. You can blindly give 4/5 for this movie this movie contains lots of minute details for example the hearing problem of that lady may be the after effect of that male showenism also the sound mixing that create lot of difference in screen the sound of that lady covers by a trains noise , sounds while sudden changes from one shot to another are awsom. The randi dance which mirrors the female value in that area all in all this movie become a must watch

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