The character Louis Bloom from the film Nightcrawler is probably the most hated central protagonist of the recent times. He is focused and has a goal to achieve something in life. The uniqueness of that desire blended with a peculiar greediness makes nightcrawler one bloody good cinema.

The movie revolves around this character named Louis Bloom who is unemployed. He steels things and also tries to impress the persons to whom he sells this stuff so that he can get a job. One night he happens to see a freelance videographer shooting an accident and that grabs his attention. With his limited resource, Bloom buys a cam recorder and other equipments necessary for the operation. Nightcrawler tells us the gradual determined growth of this character.

It is certainly the character that makes the movie all the more attractive and indulgent. The way he speaks, the way he plans, the level of confidence, that desire in the eyes to achieve it are all factors that builds a solid character. Two brutal acts through which he eradicates two possible threats define his nature in a very unusual way. I won’t say that it’s a thrilling movie as the emphasis was not on the thrill part. But the cunningness of the learning obsessed Bloom was conceived nicely and gently. The stinger lifestyle and its complexities were not shown in a very convincing way and that is probably the only drawback I could sense about this unique subject.

Jake Gyllenhaal has done a fab job as the central character Louis Bloom. The way he renders the dialogues and those eyes that itself stated the nature of the character are certain things on which the actor has worked. Riz Ahamed as the associate was good and Rene Russo was also nice as the target obsessed news director.

The direction style of Dan Gilroy is very impressive, especially the way he built the character. The shots don’t have a fantasy feel and there is a calmness that creates a realistic mood to this engaging film. Screenplay was constructed nicely and as I said it could have been more specific about the difficulties of this freelancer videographer lifestyle. I am saying this because the growth of Bloom looked less difficult on screen. Good cinematography and background score.

Overall it’s a movie that very much does justice to the word unique. My rating for Nightcrawler is 3.5/5 and a thumbs up. Some conversations in the movie actually tell the audience what happens in certain corporate companies.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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