Some terrifically well written arguments are there in the second half of V K Prakash’s new movie Nirnaayakam written by the acclaimed duo Bobby and Sanjay. But the movie fails in being lively through its making and also the improper weightage in the screenplay makes Nirnaayakam only an average cinema that had a strong socially relevant content.

Ajay is a shy and scared boy who wanted to be a soldier and he went to NDA. The soft hearted scared Ajay wasn’t able to complete the course and returns to his mother. The movie basically focuses on the time Ajay spent at Kochi when his father requested him to come there because of his ill health condition. What awaits Ajay here and how it helps him in being a stronger human being is what Nirnaayakam talking about.

Well the movie was promoted as an insider of what happens in the court or as something that reacts to what has been happening in the judicial system of our country. But unfortunately that aspect of the movie got less space here and also except for the fire in the arguments; we won’t really feel for the characters in the movie who struggled because of the violation of human rights. The movie unnecessarily hangs around the main protagonist’s personal feelings for a long time. And with a less exciting making the whole first half is a dull one. The movie gets some energy in the second half when it finally starts to focus on its agenda and there also the screenplay wasn’t perfect in terms of its believability.

Asif Ali hasn’t done anything extraordinary to make his character deep or emotional. He was kind of okay in his portrayal. Malavika Mohanan who made a disappointing debut in Pattam Pole showed a small improvement (thanks to less number of dialogues and scenes.). Tisca Chopra was good in her character. Prem Prakash gets a solid character in the form of Adv. Sidharth and he has done a very good job. Nedumudi Venu was also good. Sudheer Karamana and Lena also did justice to their roles. Small roles for Rizabava, Saiju Kurup, Sanusha, Ashokan, Mukundan, Shanker Ramakrishnan and many others.

V K Prakash’s making isn’t that exciting. The whole treatment has this cold feel for its majority duration. He hasn’t done anything innovative in narration techniques. The screenplay as I said spends too much time on the personal conflicts of Ajay who isn’t that important to the main case. Dialogues were good. One error I felt in the movie was (spoiler alert!) the court takes a doctor who did the postmortem as a key witness rather than the doctor (the more experienced) who said the patient could have been saved. Edits weren’t that great with some scenes without much relevance getting presented as important ones. Cinematography was good and the music was also kind of nice to hear which were added nicely to the content.

Overall Nirnaayakam is an average cinema that fails to capitalize its scope of getting the moral support of audience/ citizens. Thanks for reminding the masses about the rules that weren’t talked much before. The rating for the movie is 2.5/5. It is not just V K P’s fault.

Final Thoughts

Nirnaayakam is an average cinema that fails to capitalize its scope of getting the moral support of audience/ citizens.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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