There are numerous problems for the new movie starring Rinosh George, rightly titled Nonsense. Nonsense was promoted as a movie about a BMX enthusiast. But apart from his enthusiasm towards BMX sport, there is hardly any BMX in the film and there is no real need for BMX in the film. This movie is just an extended version of an average short film that has too many outdated plot elements and irrelevant subplots.

Arun is our hero who is interested in BMX. He aspires to become something in that sport. And he is a practical learner who can’t solve an equation through the method but can explain it in the most practical way. He is this guy who always lands up in trouble and teachers find his acts in the classroom ridiculous. So how this perspective about Arun changes over the course of an event that happens on a Harthal day is what Nonsense telling us.

By the time the movie reached its last few minutes, the guy who sat behind me expressed his wish to “appreciate” the writer of this film. Well, I was able to sympathize with his agitation as this movie was being ridiculously silly after the first half an hour or so. I felt a bit cheated seeing the terrible way of inclusion of BMX into this movie. A misunderstood bad boy proves to his teacher that he is good at heart by doing something for which the teacher would be grateful to him forever. That’s it. After a point, this idea becomes evident for all of us and the movie Nonsense just lingers on pointless subplots to just go on and on. Just to show the greatness of the hero the movie decides to take a detour that covers modern day politics, selfishness, moral policing etc. These portions are so flat that you just wish the movie will use it for the story to move forward and to your disappointment; those portions stick out like a sore thumb.

Rinosh George plays the role of Arun and I don’t know whether it is the problem with his performance or the writing, the character of Arun was the most annoying and senseless “good” human being after the unforgivable Chinnu of Queen. Talented Vinay Forrt is wasted in a role where he isn’t sure about which slang to follow in a story placed in the landscape of Kannur. Shruthi Ramachandran manages to give some sensibility to the character given to her. The guy who was there in the school sequences as the friend of Arun was also nice.

MC Jithin is the director of the film who has also written it and sadly this story of his is very superficial. The jokes that happen in the first half that is largely inside the classroom are the only memorable moments in this film. Post interval the movie is just becoming hugely irritating, especially because of the annoying level of predictability and also the over bloated script that pointlessly tries to be a social preach. Alex J Pulikkal’s visuals and Appu Bhattathri’s fast cuts gave me a feeling in the beginning that there will be something in this movie to cherish about, but it ended up as an absolute dud with no real charm or creativity. Just like the irrelevance of that romantic song in the film, there will be a lot of scenes in your head by the end of the movie that will make you say “But why?” The background score done by Vishnu Shyam was good, but the movie uses those tracks to boost up some of the cheesiest of moments.

Nonsense started as an interesting one and then became disappointing and ended up as an irritating story of being a good human being. Once the DVD of this film gets released, editing enthusiasts can actually make a crisp short film on a clichéd theme using the 147 minutes long raw footage.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

Nonsense started as an interesting one and then became disappointing and ended up as an irritating story of being a good human being.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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