Oru Mexican Aparatha

The main question in most people’s mind when the promos of the movie Oru Mexican Aparatha got aired was that whether it’s an entirely left worshipping cinema. When you look at the template and nature of the film, it definitely worships the ideology of the left wing, but the good part is that it also looks at the political foul play and flawed strategies the left parties have been implementing in the recent past.

Paul Varghese is this apolitical student of the Maharaja College. The college union is dominated by right wing’s student organization KSQ. SFY, the student’s organization of the left is trying to get a place in the political picture of the campus under the leadership of Subash who is a close friend of Paul. Oru Mexican Aparatha shows us the evolvement of Paul to be that true communist through a series of incidents and how it all eventually ends up in the victory of the organization.

The mould of Oru Mexican Aparatha is of a mainstream commercial cinema. The enlightenment of a boy to be more socially responsible is the key factor in this one too (just like the life story of Cheguvera). But this story isn’t that broad or deep like The Motorcycle Diaries. Its canvas is limited to the campus politics and it’s repercussions. Like I mentioned above, it doesn’t try to worship the current functioning of the left organizations. From the manufacturing of martyrs to political foul plays to seek sentiments, the film definitely mocks those aspects. There is a scene where the party leader denies party’s involvement in one of the crooked tactics and there is also a scene where the ideology driven hero laughs at the victory of their smart strategy to get sentiments. So, that sort of states the maximum diplomacy of this film.

On screen, Tovino Thomas has the much needed look to be that charismatic leader. He performed neatly in the earlier part where he is aimless in life. The actor should work on his dialogue delivery (clarity in speaking). Neeraj Madhav leaves a good impression with his mature portrayal of Comrade Subash. Roopesh Peethambaran’s performance was neat, but he also had this issue of clarity of words while speaking. Gayatri doesn’t have an extensive role here, but she is never an annoyance. Numerous characters are there in the film played neatly by actors like Sudhy Koppa, Kalabhavan Shajon, Sudheer Karamana, Manu and many others.

Tom Emmatty’s making isn’t an entirely fresh one. May be because of the limits of the content, it is not so exciting, but is somewhat engaging. The lack of extreme drama in conceiving scenes was a good thing. The content has all those female bitching, drug addiction episodes of the youth life, but it doesn’t have a glorified statement feel to it. Political justification said in the movie may or may not please you, depending on your political inclination. The cinematography was good. Background score and songs were also nice.

Looking Oru Mexican Aparatha as an entertainer film with fair enough ideology will be the ideal expectation in my view. It has fun, political criticism and ideology boosting moments and because of that Oru Mexican Aparatha is a onetime watch.

Rating: 2.5/5


Final Thoughts

It has fun, political criticism and ideology boosting moments and because of that Oru Mexican Aparatha is a onetime watch.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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