Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha

When both Amar Akbar Anthony and Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan happened, I as a viewer could sense a pattern or formula getting built. I have enjoyed those two films because of its humor factor. When you come to the new Shafi movie Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha, even though the writers are different from the above-mentioned films, you can sense the same pattern getting repeated. As the witty counters can easily distract you from analyzing the clichéd structure of this film, it ultimately becomes that passable entertainer.

So Sreekkuttan is our hero and he has a physical disability. He is a mechanic and his close friend is someone who is an alcoholic.  At one point both of them gets into a tussle with the local SI Rajendran and the issues accumulated to such levels that Rajendran did something for which Sreekuttan wanted to take revenge. A physically disabled common man has limitations in getting his revenge against a police officer. How he does that is what Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha showing.

Well through the title itself, the makers have made it clear that you are not going for an experience that can be termed as fresh. I had a good laugh while watching the film for all the dialogue humor Hareesh Kanaran generated. But now when I analyze the story, it looks pretty silly and simple. It’s pretty much the humor that is saving the film. Most of the humor tracks in the film have no real relevance when you look at the whole plot. But the performances of quality actors in those scenes will make you laugh for it. If you look at the script, the conflict, the romance, and the conclusion are kind of weak. The rift between the hero and the villain is actually due to the childish attitude of our hero and then the story is kind of asking us to root for the hero.

Shafi knows how to package things. Binu Joseph and Sunil Karma’s humor-oriented script is brittle when it comes to the story part. The script at times goes to desperate levels to have track humor or isolated humor. The whole Balachandran Chullikkad’s don spoof doesn’t make any sense but Shafi manages to make you laugh even for that. The romance is written sloppily and after a point, the heroine isn’t a concern at all. The reason she and her friend says for rejecting the challenged hero reminded me of a recently trolled short film. The music of the film was fine. The cinematography is pretty much on the usual side with nothing beyond the mere capturing aspect.

Bibin George, who has earlier appeared in smaller roles and has co-written hits like Amar Akbar Anthony and Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan, is fine as the naïve and typical hero. I can confidently say that he hasn’t overacted. The star of the cast in my view was Hareesh Kanaran who lead the humor track and as I mentioned in the beginning, made us forget about the weaknesses in the story. Prayaga is pretty and the movie fails to have space for her character. Shajon has played this SI character neatly and I must say that the writing part of that character was weak. Indrans, Harishree Ashokan, Bijukuttan, Vijayaraghavan etc are the other members in this elaborate cast. I liked the way Vishnu Unnikrishnan handled the Kannur slang.

If you are still open to the kind of humor movies like Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan and Amar Akbar Anthony offered, Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha won’t be a boring experience. I laughed for sure, but I wasn’t thinking about the sequences that made me laugh once I finished the film.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

If you are still open to the kind of humor movies like Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan and Amar Akbar Anthony offered, Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha won’t be a boring experience.


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. 2.5 star is a generosity for this tormenting experience. Oakhi aliyan…no comments. It was an oakhi movie.

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