Oru Second Class Yathra

Except for the very few humorous counter dialogues from Chemban Vinod Jose, the latest movie Oru Second Class Yathra is largely clichéd and only uses the stereotypes. The movie almost looks like an idea they created to include humor and that makes the story of this cinema quite dull and cheesy on screen. With a 90% mute Vineeth Sreenivasan with only one expression throughout, this movie from debutant director duo Rejis Antony and Jexson Antony is a disappointment.

As the name suggests Oru Second Class Yathra is basically the narration of events that happen when two police officers took two criminals from Kannur Central jail to Poojappura central jail via train. In the middle of the journey something unexpected happens which leaves the police officers in a state of dilemma. How they deal with the situation that has something to do with the past of one of the criminals is the main focus of this movie.

The movie doesn’t try to build a story that attracts the audience. The agenda is to use the scope of humor in a theme like this. You have actors like Pradeep Kottayam, Saju Navodaya and Nelson doing irrelevant roles to include unnecessary jokes to this script. The second half of the movie largely follows the flashback of Vineeth Sreenivasan’s character Nandu. I must say that the scripting and making of that entire portion is dull. The antagonistic father and what lead to the terrible things look less intriguing when compared to the buildup it was given. Last five minutes of the movie have a few comedies from Chemaban Vinod Jose which kind of saves the movie from being booed.

On screen Vineeth Sreenivasan seems to be casted just to give the movie some hype. The actor very rarely changes his tensed expression and regarding the number of dialogues, I think Prithviraj as the narrator might have spent more time on the dubbing studio than him. Chemaban Vinod Jose succeeds in entertaining the audience with his typical style. Joju George is getting stereotyped as this idiotic bad guy. Sreejith Ravi did his part nicely. Nedumudi Venu seems to be too tired to play the role offered to him. Much like Vineeth, Nikki Galrani also doesn’t have many dialogues.

The director duo Rejis and Jexson follows a very outdated method of film making that kind of justifies the spoofs made in last week’s Chirakodinja Kinavukal. The shocks, the jokes, the twists etc are too predictable for an experienced viewer. The script isn’t that tidy. As I already said, the buildup given to the character Nandu and what actually happened with Nandu isn’t that intense on screen. The developments that happen in the movie is quite conventional with too much of drama. The music from Gopi Sunder was really nice, but he couldn’t do much with the background score. Cinematography is just okay and the edits aren’t that exciting.

Oru Second Class Yathra on the whole doesn’t do anything great to make you happy. The maximum you can say about this film is okay. The rating for the movie is 2/5. As the runtime is only around one hour and 45 minutes, the chances of you getting bored are quite less.

Final Thoughts

The maximum you can say about this film is okay. As the runtime is only around one hour and 45 minutes, the chances of you getting bored are quite less.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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