Well horror has not been one of my favorite genres and the reason was the fact that it lacked variety. With his new film Pisaasu, director Mysskin redefines at least the Indian way of approaching the horror theme. Instead of making the movie a list of tricks to scare the audience, Mysskin has packaged Pisaasu with humor, fear and sentiments.

The story revolves around this young violinist Siddharth. One day he happens to witness an accident. The victim’s innocent reaction before death towards him haunts Siddharth terribly and at one point, her ghost starts to follow him. Siddharth and his friends’ attempt to get out of this ghost mess and the story that goes behind the accident of the girl what this movie narrating to us.

As I said, it is the variety in narrative that enhances the quality of the movie. If you compare this movie with any other horror movie, the amount of attempts to horrify you with tricks is very less in Pisaasu. At the same time, Mysskin has created a likeable ghost that is horrifying for sure. The subplots to make the ghost an acceptable one were also quite good. When it comes to the backstory of the ghost, there also Myskkin has tried to achieve something different from the usual. Only problem I could sense was in those sequences just before the climax which I thought followed the stereotypes.

Acting wise Naga as Siddharth was good. Raj Kumar and Ashvath did well as the friends of the central character. Rest of the cast also did a nice job. The actor who did a very impressive piece of acting was Mr. Radharavi who as that aching father of the victim made the viewer’s feel for the actor. Prayaga as the victim was a nice choice as her beautiful face helps the script in making the ghost a lovable one.

Even though this won’t be considered as his best, Mysskin has done a fab job with his making style. Even after being this fantasy horror story, the amount of visual effects and other effects based ideas are less. In addition, he has used the basic tools like cinematography and edits to create that humor, horror and tension. Cinematography and edits were good. Background score and music also showed standard.

Overall, Pisaasu offers a refreshing experience on the typical horror and I hope directors like Vikram Bhatt watch this movie to get some inspiration to do something different. The rating is 3.5/5 and thumbs up for Mysskin’s Pisaasu.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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