Pokkiri Raja

The movie has that element to create a low budget Superhero Movie but unfortunately in Pokkiri Raja the director fails to use the material correctly and ultimately the movie ends up as a ridiculous imagination that has very discrete moments of entertainment. If the writing had that charm to use the simple crazy thought in an engaging way, the movie would have at least worked as a spoof entertainer.

Sanjeev is the central protagonist of the movie. He works in the software field. Because of his yawning habit he lost his job as it influenced the productivity. The movie ultimately is based on this yawning factor. At one point in his life a major goon in the city, Cooling glass Guna gets humiliated because of him. The movie basically narrates the tussle between these two and how the yawning plays a crucial part in this issue.

The screenplay of this movie is a good example of a least utilized writing of an interesting idea. Indian movie industries have never really tried much luck in the sci fi superhero stuff. Pokkiri Raja in my opinion had the scope to be that funny, spoofy, superhero flick. But they just destroyed it by adding everything dull and typical. It is just a plane lame story of hero meeting heroine, falling in love, meeting a villain who had no business in this at all and having a fight. The first half of the movie is absolutely unexciting and the second half occasionally had the humour content which should have been there throughout the film. The ending of the film was also quite abrupt. With characters lacking charm and plot having zero intrigue, Pokkiri Raja is largely dull.

Jiiva was okay doing the role of the hero. There isn’t anything much to talk about his performance. Hansika Motwani, well we all know why she gets casted in movies like this. Pretty looks, revealing cloths and some spicy songs were her share in the movie and she was “terrific” in those parts. Sibiraj was nice as the humiliated goon. Ramadoss was impressive.

Ramprakash Rayappa has dared to touch a subject that isn’t discussed at all. But his variety was limited to the selection of theme. The yawn super power wasn’t used to its clever best. As I said, the second half has some moments of humour which uses the theme’s spoof side. But apart from that the movie is highly clichéd with unnecessary songs, exaggerated plot points and shallow rendition of every emotion. It should have been an out and out comedy movie, but sadly it became a usual mix. Nothing much was impressive about the technical aspects like cinematography or edits. Imman’s songs weren’t that catchy.

On the whole Pokkiri Raja is a boring comedy with all the typical elements and very little humour to entertain you. The lack of imagination to use a really smart idea is evident in this film.

Final Thoughts

Pokkiri Raja is a boring comedy with all the typical elements and very little humour to entertain you.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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