Power Paandi Pa Paandi

Pa Paandi aka Power Paandi the debut venture of actor Dhanush as a director doesn’t have much in terms of content to impress you completely. The idea of the movie that sort of asks the parents to live their life to the fullest is the main and only attraction of this movie. And with fun moments happening at discrete moments, Power Paandi is a watchable film for sure.

Power Paandi was a fight master in the Tamil movie industry. Now he is no longer a part of the industry and is living that retired life with his son and family taking care of his grand children. His actions become a problem for his workaholic son and the regular criticism forces Paandi to leave that house. The focus of the movie is that journey Paandi takes and how it shapes his life from that point.


As I said, there is no real surprise or greater emotional strength to Power Paandi (Pa Paandi). It is that simple idea of preaching kids to treat their parents with respect. The first half of the film is entirely lingering around that principle and Dhanush even tries to decorate it with celebrity cameos, action sequences and typical hero intro song etc. A genuinely appreciable part about the movie is its second half which in a way asks the elderly people to live their life to the fullest rather than wasting it over regrets. Here also we get to see a predictable yet appealing back story of Power Paandi’s first love. The last half an hour of the movie has that texture of a progressive thought which makes the film look like an okay movie.

Rajkiran plays the role of Power Paandi in a convincing way. The so called “Mass” avatar of Paandi wasn’t that charismatic, but the actor succeeds in being that innocent human being. Prasanna as his son Raghavan struggles very much in those second half emotional sequences. Revathi as Poothendral was a delight to watch and her graceful natural performance is apparently the best thing about the movie in my opinion. Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian have played the younger version of Paandi and his lover Poothendral and they both were effective.

Dhanush doesn’t make any remarkable impression in his first outing as a director. The making style isn’t that fresh. When it comes to the script, you can really feel the lack of layers in the story. The movie is only two hour long and the first half of the film is only focusing on the repeated mistakes of Paandi in a slightly over dramatic way. Even the second part is focusing on the flash back portions for a while. Only in the last half an hour or so, the movie tries to focus on its agenda of asking the elderly people to move on. If the sort of emotional warmth you feel in the movie’s last quarter was there in the entire film it would have been a better movie. Velraj’s cinematography was okay. Sean Roldan’s music was also fine.

On the whole Power Paandi aka Pa Paandi is an average drama that works for its idea and not really for the cinematic look of it. Dhanush discusses a relevant topic here with the help of discrete humor and sentiments.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Power Paandi aka Pa Paandi is an average drama that works for its idea and not really for the cinematic look of it.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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