Prabhuvinte Makkal

Director Sajeevan Anthikkad’s Prabhuvinte Makkal is a movie that deserves the tag of Brave Cinema. A movie that goes through the backend stories of Godmans and also the baseless arguments of people who believe in religions without knowing the concept of God to its depth. The movie scores the most for its sarcastic approach on the concept with some solid justifications and it does not go to a level that they says there is no such thing as God or a power. It doesn’t question the existence of God, but it questions our fear to religions which in turn restricts and controls us.

The basic plot of the movie revolves around Prabhu and his two sons Sidharthan and Mani. Mani is an atheistic man by nature. Sidharthan is a man who wished to become a yogi who knows all the Ashttavidhya and all. He sacrifices his 10 years in search of the bliss and understands the fact that all these Yogi’s and Godmans are fake. By the time he realizes this fact, his father became the follower of a Baba in Kerala. When he realizes this fact, him and his atheistic brother tries for a movement that will challenge these Godmen to prove their abilities in public. What are the consequences they faced and how did it all end is the tale.

Well, the plot was previously discussed in pure commercial movies like Ekalavyan, Makante Achan and also in similar format like the Kavya Madhavan starrer Bhatha Janangalude shredhakku etc. But the good part of “Prabhuvinte Makkal” is that it is treated in a very commercially feasible way but still it remains sincere to its content without compromising. The kind of question and sarcastic thoughts invoked by the movie is even digestible to the non-intellectual audience. There is an award distribution scene in the movie towards the climax. I found the arguments made by the central protagonists very much engaging.

Performance wise, I think everyone has delivered it beautifully and the main attraction is that almost all the characters have a respectable screen time and that makes us remember those characters. For me the pick among the actors was Jijoy Rajagopalan who conceived the atheistic character of Mani in a damn good way. Vinay fort was also really good as Sidharthan but his sound kind of disturbs the intensity.  Swasika finally gets something to perform. Veteran Madhu did his part. Prakash Bhare, Anoop Chandran, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Arun, Kalabhavan Mani and many others makes an impressive on screen appearance.

Well in the making, Sajeevan Anthikkad’ direction is above average. Can’t find any signature style though. Script never really lags. Infact it always maintains an engaging gentle speed. The dialogs are really cool and provoking at times. Editing and cinematography could have been made much better. Music isn’t that catchy and at portions the inclusion of songs didn’t suit the feel of the movie.

On the whole Prabhuvinte Makkal is a movie that should not be missed for its content. Some may say it as an atheistic movie but all I could find was some good sarcasm. I am giving 3.5/5 for this movie. Prabhu and his brave sons have something to tell you that will evoke some debate and I feel what our movies lacking is debates on their content.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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