Even when you know that it will have a predictable ending, even when you know that the dialogue you just clapped for is somewhat a bumper sticker wording, some movies just work for you mainly because of the feel it manages to create. Uyare, directed by Manu Ashokan is one such film. The shabby visual effects and the initial hiccups are causing problems for this flight in the takeoff, but the flight and the landing were pretty smooth thus making Uyare a movie with a statement about resilience.

Pallavi Raveendran is an aspiring pilot. She followed her passion and joined an aviation school and completed her course. But Pallavi was in a relationship with a short-tempered guy named Govind. That relationship and Pallavi’s way of adjusting to it ended up in a really horrific scenario; she became the victim of an acid attack. The rise of Pallavi from this devastating acid attack that ruined half of her face and most of her confidence is what Uyare showing us.

The script by Bobby Sanjay is more inclined towards making us feel the importance of many other suppressing things women face in this world. In certain movies, there is a problematic phase when we are clueless about why the heroine is so much in love with a guy who is hurting her in all possible ways. In Uyare, there is a sequence where Pallavi tells her dad why she loves a guy with a really bad temperament. And that scene had so much of depth and it shed light on so many issues including parenting. Siddique and Parvathy acted out that scene so realistically that you won’t end up blaming Pallavi for her fate. In one way, the story of Uyare is about Pallavi moving on from her emotional attachment with Govind. And Bobby Sanjay was only adding layers after layers to make that journey a poignant one with many results.

The making isn’t really flowing freely in the initial areas. The flashback sequences have that overly dramatic tone to them and soon after Parvathy appears on the screen, the performances manage to reduce the drama in the script. It is actually after the pivotal acid attack the movie starts to have that engrossing feel. Post that, the film is constantly getting exciting twists and turns. The scene where Prem Prakash simply walked out after seeing Pallavi’s face was received with laud round of applauds. The demonizing of the character of Govind was also done in a very subtle and practical manner, in a way making us realize that the difference between a commonly seen possessive boyfriend and an acid attacker is minimal. It was so good to see a lot of humorous and warm portions mainly featuring Tovino Thomas in that second half which took the movie to an inspiring and happy zone. On the technical side, the movie is pretty much compromised. The cinematography was on the average side and the poor quality visual effects really disappointed me as everything else was looking pretty good. Thanks to the elevating background score from Gopi Sundar and neat cuts from Mahesh Narayanan, Uyare manages to maintain the fire in it. A special shout out to the prosthetic makeup which played a key role in generating the empathy towards Pallavi.

Parvathy sinks her teeth into the character of Pallavi gracefully. The energy she gives to the Pallavi we see first is so natural and vibrant that when she faces this setback in life we do get affected by that and her rise in life subconsciously becomes something that we also wish to see. Siddique as always excels with his minimalism and the combination scenes of the father and daughter were a treat to watch as both shined with subtle acting. Tovino Thomas has a major role in the movie and it was his character that brought the fun element to the film. Even though his beard was inconsistent, the performance was never out of sync. Asif Ali shouldn’t be a part of the theater visit promotion plans of Uyare as people may manhandle him at the end of the film; the performance as Govind was that good. Anarkali Marakkar as the friend was also really good.

Uyare isn’t a flawless and mind-blowing experience like a Take-Off. But even after having shortcomings in the movie making aspect, there is a feel this movie manages to create towards the end which made me clap for it. The entire second half of Uyare is a highly predictable and highly inspiring experience.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Final Thoughts

Even after having shortcomings in the movie making aspect, there is a feel Uyare manages to create towards the end which made me clap for it.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.