Prethamundu Sookshikkuka

Prethamundu Sookshikkuka, the promo of this movie gave me an impression that this would be a horror comedy. But as it turned out this one was a horrible comedy with mediocrity written all over it. With jokes and plot points forcing you to kill yourself, Prethamundu Sookshikkuka is the worst movie I have seen this year.

Ethics Babu is a Goonda. He is this very ethical goon who takes up quotations for only rightful things. So during one point, a police station which is haunted by ghosts seeks the help from him and his gang for safety. The events that unfold after that are the main concerns of Prethamundu Sookshikkuka.

The above mentioned paragraph is just one version of the absurd writing. The film is just a bloated imagination. There is no sense in anything that’s happening and the twists and turns only make the plot unbearably ridiculous. Our hero and his gang’s ethics will remind you of the Santhosh Pandit level of social preaching heroism. There is a romance track in the film which looks bizarre. It is almost like the director duo decided that our film should have a hero intro stunt, a scene where he woos a girl with his charm, a romantic song, social awareness speech etc. Let’s try to build a story around that. Residents association president is using his influence to call CM and ask for a Police Station for their residence association; good God! The film enters the horror comedy part only in the second half and even then it gets distracted in to silly things.

Mohammed Ali and Shafeer Khan are the directors of the movie and they have seriously made a film that looks like a mediocre spoof film. From extremely dramatic cheesy cliché dialogues to unbelievably ridiculous twists and turns in the plot, the movie forced me to close my eyes. The horror comedy part has the lamest of logic you can see in any movie and the buffoonish cops are irritating to the core. The climax twist is a mind blowing one. SP of police puts a fake wig on his head and the SI and CI failed to recognize him. Those tacky 80’s Hindi movies had better twists. Cinematography and edits are giving a tough competition to those mediocre short films. Music was also annoying.

Shine Tom Chacko has this weird filmography. On one side he is a part of all the Rajeev Ravi films and then there are films like Prethamundu Sookshikkuka, Vishwasam Athalle Ellam etc. which makes you wonder what’s wrong with him. Director Shafeer Khan is there in a full length role as the hero’s sidekick. From experienced actors like Sunil Sukhada, Risabava, Indrans etc. to familiar faces like Anjali Nair, Thesni Khan, Saju Navodaya, Kalabhavan Navas, Santhosh Keezhattur and many others, almost all the actors fail to deliver a good performance. Abu Salim should read what Bharata Muni said about acting in Nattya Shastara (Quoting Pachalam Bhasi here). And looking at the stupidity level of this movie, Shammi Thilakan’s spoof on his father’s iconic character felt like an insult.

Some of you might argue with me on why I decided to watch this film even after watching that Tony Tony song. Well I will include the reason at the bottom of this review. Seeing the best and worst on the same day gave me a lifetime experience.

Rating: 0.5/5


Final Thoughts

With jokes and plot points forcing you to kill yourself, Prethamundu Sookshikkuka is the worst movie I have seen this year.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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