Sree Devi’s comeback film English Vinglish was a movie that showed the character uplift of a female on a very emotional backdrop. Queen directed by Vikas Bahl is one really hilarious ride that keeps you entertained throughout, and at the same time manages to throw sarcasm on the pseudo modern attitude of many people. With the leading lady performing exceedingly well with right timing on humour, Queen is a delightful fun ride where there is no curse of second half.

Queen discusses one crucial episode of a Rajouri girl Rani’s life. Her family friend Vijay was in love with her, but after his visit to the abroad he finds her a mismatch for him and backs off from the marriage at the very last moment. An emotionally broken Rani decides to go for her honeymoon trip to France alone. The series of events that happens in France and the various people she met there really changes her character. Ultimately Queen narrates this fun filled transformation of Rani.

The real victory of Queen is in the fact that they never took away that natural humour from the storyline and still it had enough to become that sort of inspiring victory. Taking a very orthodox girl who doesn’t have much experience around the world to a totally unknown land is a really risky thing and a small mistake in this precarious act can make it look like an exaggerated fun film. But Vikas Bahl and his writing team got it right. The writers were successful in thinking from the characters perspective and that has really opened up the scope for adding creative humour and freshness in the complexities faced.

Kangana Ranaut is undoubtedly the star of the show and the additional dialogues credits under her name just increased my respect for this under used actress. It’s a totally different character from what we have seen of her and she has done full justice to that character. Rani is orthodox in the beginning, then she opens up slowly and still keeps the so called values of a typical Indian woman and after that there is a gradual transformation in the character which was smooth. All these stages were performed really well by Kangana. Rajkumar Yadav was also successful as Vijay as almost everyone in the audience wanted to slap him. Lisa Haydon was comfortable as Vijayalakshmi. Actors who performed as Rani’s friends from Amsterdam were quite good, especially the Japanese guy.

The makers have handled the movie very carefully. It’s actually a story that discusses a serious issue about the attitude of our society and how girls become so constrained because of that. With good fun flavored all over it, Vikas Bahl and crew made it commercially appealing. Many hilarious sequences are there throughout the film and there is no big dark phase in the second half of the movie. Dialogues are cool. Cinematography was good. Cuts were fine and Amit Trivedi’s music was also good.

So the final word is that Queen is a must watch. It has a fresh idea presented in a really refreshing way with spot on performance. My rating is 4/5 for Queen. Now that’s what I call woman empowerment – Mamma Mia!

Final Thoughts

Queen is a must watch. It has a fresh idea presented in a really refreshing way with spot on performance.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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