Ragini MMS 2

When you have an actress who can go to that extent where you will have to cover things with blurred rectangles, this was supposed to happen. The Sunny Leone starrer Ragini MMS 2 is very much close to a porn film that has horror as theme. The first part of the franchise wasn’t a phenomenal one, but there was this uniqueness in treatment and also the raw characterization which made it look different from the typical concepts of horror films. When it comes to Ragini MMS 2 it is just a whole lot of skin show with outdated ideas to scare you.

The sequel takes the first movie as the real story and here we have a famous director from Bollywood making a film on the experiences of Ragini at that night. They decide to shoot the film on the actual location itself and a section of the crew decides to stay there. The horrifying experiences they had to face and also the quest to reveal the mystery behind the ghost that was causing all the trouble is the basic idea of Ragini MMS 2.

Sunny Leone is actually playing herself in the movie (almost). From that first scene were they show us this nerd director you can sense the intention of the producers. The amateurishness in the treatment was consistent throughout the film. Except for the mentally ill Ragini and her mother, almost every other female in the movie has less cloth (including a doctor). Some illogical romance, steamy scenes without much relevance and the biggest insult was the inclusion of this crap comedy in to the horror movie.

Well she was not casted for “acting” in my view but to my surprise, Sunny Leone showed a considerable improvement in her acting skills. The “generosity” was visible in every single frame that had her. All the others in the star cast deserves sympathy for being a part of this crap. I don’t know what prompted Divya Dutta to opt this film.

Direction is sloppy and the horror ideas they used becomes easily predictable after a couple of scenes. As I said there is no real story in the movie and the script seems to be in search for scenarios that could “expose” anything. None of the songs looked relevant for the movie, but individually they are enjoyable. The “Ragini…..” bgm succeeded in making the people laugh. Visual effects part was okay.

So Ragini MMS 2 is a waste of time and money by all means. Only a crew similar to the crew showed in the movie can make a pathetic film like this. The rating is 1/5 from my side. Just like the way the Bhatt’s murdered Murder, Balaji just made a mess of the MMS. Sathyanaash!

Final Thoughts

Ragini MMS 2 is a waste of time and money by all means. Only a crew similar to the crew showed in the movie can make a pathetic film like this.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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