Raja Rani

raja-rani-reviewIt’s not totally devoid of the usual exaggerations that we see in Tamil Rom Coms. But there is a fresh breeze in the content of Raja Rani that manages to keep you interested in it even though the movie has an excessive runtime of around 3 hours.  With bright canvas that gives the movie a feel good nature, Raja Rani directed by Atlee is a watchable entertainer.

The plot basically revolves around the newly wedded couple John and Regina who can’t really accept the arranged marriage to which both of them agreed for the happiness of people around them. The movie basically tells the past of the main protagonists which changed them to this grey shade.

More than the chemistry between the main leads, you will find the love stories that happened in the past more interesting. Because the past stories offers some oxygen in the whole cinema with its liveliness and also because of some memorable performances of the characters that appear in these subplots. The negative I felt was in the screenplay that cant bond the main characters in that required level. John’s character was confusing for the viewer especially after the narration of both stories. The excessive length that focuses too much on melodrama is also something that disturbs the rhythm. But Atlee has tried his best to make these portions convincing by embedding some sensible humor in them.

Well, for me the real star of the movie was Jai. Even the viewer who least enjoyed this film would have clapped for his humorous portrayal of the innocent Surya who can’t even threaten a girl. Arya and Nayantara are just about convincing as John and Regina and I would like to see a better crying face from Nayantara. Nazriya was a real surprise for me. For those who got irritated seeing Nazriya’s emotional breakdown in Maad Dad, this one will surely make you happy. The actress has performed the role very elegantly. Santhanam once again carries the movie in his shoulders (second half to be more precise). Sathyaraj and Sathyan also did their parts nicely.

In the making, Atlee is indeed a promising talent as a director. A bit more sharpening in the writing would make him someone to watch out for. The screenplay is engaging when it goes to the past and slightly dragging when it is between John and Regina. The scenes involving the first conversation of Surya and Regina were damn hilarious. Dialogs are funny and interesting. Music from G V Prakash Kumar is good and the cinematography is also quite pleasing.

Overall, Raja Rani works as an entertainer. Lesser melodrama, lesser runtime and a bit more clarity on characters would have made the film a really good one. My rating is 3/5 for director Atlee’s Raja Rani. Jai and Santhanam shine big time.

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