Ironically the theater operator put the song “Remo” from Shankar’s Anniyan during the interval of the movie Remo starring Sivakarthikeyan. I said “ironically” because the movie Remo in a way is Anniyan (for an argument you can list out a lot of differences) if you simply remove Anniyan from that film. With an evident propaganda to boost the star value of Siva Karthikeyan to the next level, Remo is a shallow romantic drama.

SK is this struggling actor who wants to make it big in the silver screen. His attempts to get a good role weren’t happening and his infatuation (true love in terms of certain movie standards) for a girl was also not well received. His acting desire made him go for a female look to impress director K S Ravikumar. Even though he got rejected from the film, the get up gave him a chance to get close to the girl he initially loved. How he manages to utilize this get up to make her fall in love with him is what Remo telling us.

If this romance thing was just another parallel track, I wouldn’t have many complaints about this film. But the base of the movie Remo is this romance. The hero sees one random girl and falls in love immediately (let the song begin). By the end of the song he realizes that the girl got engaged to someone else. And our macho hero is almost on the verge of that drunken dappan koothu song which luckily didn’t happen. This frivolity in its most critical element, the romance, is apparently the main demerit of director Bakkiyaraj Kannan’s Remo. The lack of logic in the frequent get up change can be pardoned up to a limit as the film is supposed to be an entertainer, but still it becomes a little too much in second half. The film manages to have some sort believability in terms of emotion only in its second half.

Bakkiyaraj Kannan’s writing is the weak part of this film. The film has a very brittle base and we are not feeling any sort of romantic thirst in those characters. Like I said in the beginning, from the name of the central protagonist to the numerous references he makes in the film, Remo is clearly trying desperately to boost Sivakarthikeyan’s off screen image. Bakkiyaraj Kannan just can’t make it look organic on screen and thus the sudden songs and the predictable formula makes Remo an unsurprising product. Some portions of the romance in the second half and the overall humor in dialogues is the appreciable positives in this film. Anirudh’s music is becoming somewhat repetitive.

As it is a self endorsing project, Sivkarthikeyan looks perfect for the role. His natural charm in rendering quick dialogues and that screen presence in comedy scenes were necessary for the character of SK. The female side Remo was also okay. Even though it is a bit cartoonish, it isn’t going in to that annoying phase. Keerthy Suresh with her good looks and fair enough performance was good in the role of Dr. Kavya. Saranya Ponvannan in her signature supportive mother role was slightly annoying in certain scenes.

Remo is a movie that isn’t worth the hype. The weak plot and the illogical things happening on screen make Remo a peripheral beauty. The stupidity you found in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is happening here as well. Remo is bearable, not necessarily enjoyable.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

Remo is a movie that isn’t worth the hype. The weak plot and the illogical things happening on screen make Remo a peripheral beauty.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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