Ring Master

Ring Master is certainly not different from what Dileep used to do. But compared to his last few outings Ringmaster has more humor, less heroism and some sensible preaching statements. I am someone who enjoyed the Dileep starrer My Boss and for me this movie was slightly above my expectation.

Prince works as an assistant of his friend Muthu who runs a pet care center.  On a customer’s request Muthu sends Prince to her home to take care of her pet dogs as she was leaving to UK. Prince’s love for pets increases during that period.  Some unfortunate incidents lead to a situation where Prince is thrown out of the house for not taking care of the pets along with Diana, the daughter of Lisa (the dog who died during delivery).  The journey of Prince and Diana to newer terrains that has something to do with the back story of Prince is what Ring Master all about.

I am not saying that the story is so real or natural. But when you compare the movie with the recent films of Dileep( except for  Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal) this movie is devoid of the clichés and formula feel that we are used to. Rafi has included humor effectively and very rarely it reached that over written level. The idea of putting a guy who doesn’t love dogs in the middle of them does offer a lot of dialogue jokes and the movie scores with that. It fizzles slightly when the plot deviates to the next level life style of Diana and Prince. But by including some nice humor and less cheesy sentiments in the second half, Rafi succeeds in giving the movie a comedy flick outlook.

On screen, Dileep is the perfect guy to play the part. His comic timing along with Shajon creates a lot of fun moments. Suraj Venjaaramood was in his usual form but surprisingly he succeeds. Aju Varghese was good. Keerthy Suresh was nice. Honey Rose wasn’t that impressive. Actress Ranjini makes a small appearance in the film. Director Rafi was cool in his director avatar. Vijayaraghavan, Guinness Pakru and some more are there in the star cast.

Rafi has treated the content nicely. The writing focuses more on the humor side and the serious side does have some sensibility. Script’s deviation from first half to second half is quite abrupt. But as I said it’s the humor that saves the movie from the story analysis of the viewer.  Cinematography was good. Nice music and I liked the choreography.  Dialogues are funny. Visual effects were good.

So overall, I found it enjoyable. Ring Master is that festival entertainer which won’t torture you or test your brain. My rating is 3/5 for Ring Master. Skip it if you have any issue with films like CID Moosa, Thuruppu Gulan etc.

Final Thoughts

Ring Master is that festival entertainer which won’t torture you or test your brain.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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