Rio 2

rio-2-movie-reviewLet’s just put it this way: its LOL stuff not a ROFL one. Rio 2 from Blue Sky Studio is pretty much similar to the first part when we look at the excitement peaks of both movies. There is enough fun to keep you interested in the movie, but can’t say that the plot is totally innovative and filled with hilarious elements.

The second installment has Blu and Jewel happily living their lives in Rio along with their 3 kids and friends. Linda and Tulio on their expedition to Amazon forests finds out the fact that there is a whole flock of Blue Macaws there. Knowing this the family decides to go there and meet the rest of their kind. The adventurous ride they had to go through is what Rio 2 discussing.

Except for that audition sequence in the mid-way and also that climax fight sequence (both these met the quality we expect from the creators of Ice Age) there isn’t much excitement in the film. Similar to the first film they have included some stunning samba dance sequences in the film. The used out idea of “rise of the underdog” is somewhere there in the storyline.

Direction style is quite similar to the first movie and the treatment needed a bit more excitement. The animation has that quality we expect from the ice age makers and the voices are fitting for the characters.

Overall Rio 2 is an enjoyable one time watch fun film. My rating is 3/5 for this Blue Sky studios production. If Rio was too captivating for you, go for this one.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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