Writers block, characters having feelings that are personal to the writer etc are some familiar terms we get to hear in film based debates. The latest bollywood movie Roy starring Ranbir Kapoor as the title protagonist is a baffled execution of a theme that has the things I just mentioned. With an uninspiring parallel story and a not at all attractive main love story, Roy becomes a tiring two and a half our long movie that is only watchable because of its music and background score.

Kabir Grewal is an established film maker who largely makes these action movies. A childhood incident has inspired him to create a character named Roy for his film trilogy titled Guns. The movie basically shows us how Kabir makes the last part of the franchise titled Guns 3. The director has no planning to execute the movie as he writes the movie during the shooting itself.  The inspirations he gets during that phase and the conflicts which drives him to the completion of the film has been visualized here.

Well you can appreciate the basic concept of trying this sort of concept that kind of shows the common audience how a film is conceived. But the problem with Roy is that both the film Kabir made and the conflicts he had to face looks quite lame. Having a deeper narrative into a more sensible character and an equally loaded parallel narrative would have made the story a much more engaging at least in an emotional level. Conceiving Arjun Rampal as a successful director and Jacqueline Fernandez as an art house director is too difficult and the main reason is the characterization.

On screen Ranbir Kapoor has very little to do with his unnecessarily gloomy and less charming title character who appears occasionally to remind us that we have a parallel story happening. Arjun Rampal is okay in his usual avatar which fits the character description of a flirting arrogant director. Jacqueline looks fabulous with all those dancing and all. But the sound and diction wasn’t that great from the actress.

I am not sure about what Vikramjit Singh was trying to achieve by depicting the industry like that. At times we feel that Roy was also conceived like Guns 3 (no clear script). The director hasn’t tried to keep the movie in an engaging mood and it is always in that grumpy mood to make us yawn a lot. Screenplay fails to mix the main content and the movie within the movie engagingly. Cinematography and edits were nice. Visual effects were boring. The music and the background score are the two features which will keep you inside the cinema hall.

So to sum it up, Roy is a boring drama that fails miserably in being unique. The rating for Vikramjith Singh’s Roy is 1.5/5. Not enough Ranbir and too much of Rampal.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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