The much awaited Karthi starer political thriller Saguni is undoubtedly a big downer. A movie that is supposed to be smart is made in such a poor way that even the illiterate audience will also feel whats so great about it. The main distraction of the movie is its utterly scattered screenplay. The uneven mix of unwanted comedies and totally senseless romance spoils even the good jokes which came occasionally.

The movie is about Kamal Kannan’s journey to the political top level to save his house. His ancestral home is under the threat of being demolished for constructing a railway subway. When normal ways of requests and petitions doesnt work for him, he decides to go for a smarter way of getting involved in politics. How he is going to do it is all about the movie.

The director seems to be kind of inspired by Shankar’s Muthalvan. But from the entertainment point of view the movie is way below Muthalvan. The first half of the movie can be said as utter waste. There isnt anything in the first half to enhance the movie’s feel. Karthi’s narration portion is so clumsy with a pathetic mix of melodrama, jokes and romance. The need of a female protagonist is still out of my logic. The break up song was picturized so colorfully that I got confused whether breakup happened or patch up. The main content of the movie lies in the second half. But unfortunately that also doesnt had any charm. In such a dull movie there is a possibility that the twist in the climax could cheer you up. You should not blink your eyes in the second half, because the rise of Kamal Kannan from common man to political king maker is so quick.

Performance wise, Karthi has delivered a descent performance as Kamal Kannan. Thumbs down for Pranitha’s outing as the heroine Sridevi. Prakash Raj was excellent as CM Bhupathi. Santhanam, as usual added for mere comedy and he has done that part neatly. Radhika and Nassar also deliveres a standard performance.

Technically, the script is below average and the execution is very much the same. Clumsy scripts first half is filled with sequences that really had anything to do with the movie. You might say the excuse of being a Tamil movie n all. But the hype created by Saguni was not like a typical Masala drama. Descent camera work. Stunts were quite average. Sreekar Prasad can take credit for slicing Karthi’s dance steps to perfection.

Overall, Saguni is a colorful balloon. Canvas is big but the content is too less. Apart from the Santhanam jokes here n there, there is nothing in the movie to cheer you up. I am giving 1.5/5 for director Shanker Dayal’s Saguni. If you are someone who feels Paiyya was an above average movie, this one might well be an average one for you.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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