Salaam Kashmir

salaam-kashmir-reviewSalaam Kashmir was there in the news for the continuous postponement of its release and you can’t really blame the audience if they became skeptical about the movie. After watching Salaam Kashmir you are not going to believe all those technical reasons they said. A mediocre script filled with awkward explanations and reasoning that will at times make you feel that it’s a spoof of any Major Ravi film.

The story basically focuses on the personal life of a military officer Sreekumar. Due to certain mysterious reasons he has left the army and is living a kind of secret life with his wife and daughter in a rural village. Certain imbalanced equation with his wife disturbs their relationship. The core of the movie is regarding the reasons behind this conflict in family relationship which had something to do with the past of our hero.

In a generation where even small kids are playing with high end smartphones and almost everyone is that familiar with computers, a director like Joshiy should have asked his script writer to create a sensible character and realistic backdrops. The first half of the movie moves without much excitement and from the moment the conflict starts in the family the movie starts to make you scratch your head. Second half is all too exaggerated and really difficult to get digested. All those military backdrop operations with usage of “advanced ” technology can convince only those who still haven’t seen a mobile phone. The transformation of characters when you look at the flashback and present scenario is totally amateurish. We are never going to feel any sort of importance to the so called “mission” which holds a key position in the story line.

Jayaram is comfortable playing the tortured family man and the actor has done that part nicely. As the army officer he was just okay. Suresh Gopi also gets a safe zone role as the officer who exclaims “oh shit” “my God” etc. Miya was good in her character. Krishnakumar also did his part.

Joshiy was always a good tracker of tastes and trends but much like his earlier film Lokpal here also you can feel a stage drama feel with shoddy art direction. Sethu’s script just can’t give life to the lame story by Shyju Anthikkadu. The hatred between Sreekumar and Tomy is still a mystery. Cinematography is okay. Underwhelming background scores from Rajamani. M Jayachandran delivers disappointing music with shivering voices.

So the final word about the movie is that it’s utterly disappointing. My rating is 1.5/5. The first half of the movie is adjustable, but the second half made me yawn, look down, scratch head and even look at the mobile of the next guy who was playing temple run.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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