Hush Hush

The new Amazon Prime Video series by Tanuja Chandra, Hush Hush, has an interesting premise. The entire emotional graph of the series feels like the first episode of a compelling thriller. The plot that deals with human trafficking and connections on a higher level are not a totally unfamiliar terrain. But Chandra tries to make… Continue reading Hush Hush

Maharani 2

In the first season of Maharani, the focus was on showing the growth of an ignorant Rani Bharti to the mainstream politics of Bihar. As a major conflict was created at the end of season 1, the second season, Maharani 2, shows us a politically mature Rani who is going head to head with everyone… Continue reading Maharani 2

Tamil Rockerz

When someone decides to create an 8-episode series about Tamil Rockers, the infamous online website that was a major threat to the Tamil cinema industry a few years back, we hope to see the lesser-known facts and interesting insights about the whole thing. But Tamil Rockerz, directed by Arivazhagan, feels like a lame and superficial… Continue reading Tamil Rockerz

Crash Course

If you have seen Kota Factory from TVF, the world of the new Amazon Prime series Crash Course, directed by Vijay Maurya, won’t feel like an unfamiliar terrain. What makes Crash Course different from a Kota Factory is that it is much more elaborate. There are so many characters and minute backstories here. And this… Continue reading Crash Course

Ghar Waapsi

Often times you see this live your life, follow your dreams type drama that focuses on blaming the educational system and bad parenting, being successful mainly due to the relatability factor. I am not saying all of them were like that. But the good thing about the Hotstar special Ghar Waapsi is that it takes… Continue reading Ghar Waapsi

Dr. Arora

At one point, the new Sony Liv original series from Imtiaz Ali, Dr. Arora starring Kumud Mishra as the title protagonist, seems creepy and problematic. You might even wonder whether “India’s answer to Sex Education” will end up glorifying “well-mannered” stalking. But luckily, the creators are aware of the problematic side of it and what… Continue reading Dr. Arora