Shaadi Ke Side Effects

shaadi-ke-side-effects-reviewShaadi Ke Side Effects scores with its casting, entertains with its humor and fizzles with its reasoning. Directed by Saket Chaudhary this film is definitely an improved version of its predecessor Pyaar Ke Side Effects which couldn’t completely utilize the cool zone. The humor shows a good standard and with the two actors performing really well there is no chance that the movie will make you miss the old Sid and Trisha (Still don’t know whether they were worth missing).

The story this time revolves around the married life of Sid and Trisha. Trisha’s decision to have the baby hassles Sid’s mind, as he was not prepared to be a father. Later the couple decides to have the baby and with Mili’s (baby) entry to their life many priorities is changed and thus begins the drama. The tactics Sid tries to apply in life to keep the family life going, how things get messed up because of this and how the couple ultimately reaches the patch up point is what Saket Chaudary trying to narrate in this edition.

In comparison to Pyaar Ke side effects, this movie has growth in all departments. Farhan was able to extend the immaturity and coolness of Sid. The Trisha portrayed by Vidya Balan was something very different from what Mallika did but I found this Trisha and Sid more lovable. The first half of the movie has a lot of humor to keep you entertained and on a writing level, Saket has shown much improvement by including fun in the cold war without going to an exaggerated level. Where the movie can’t dominate is in making the variety tactics used by Sid for a happy married life a convincing one. It becomes too filmy that the serious sequences that follows after this gets less emotional support from our side. Still there is that practical rendering in scenes which keeps the movie alive even in its cons.

Farhan Akhtar once again did an impressive job after his performance in ZNMD (the cool dude stuff). Actor was too good in conveying the frustration and uncomfortable nature of Sid who is scared of taking big decisions. Vidya also did a memorable performance as a very different Trisha whose arguments sounded valid (but was rubbish at some points). The life advisors played by Ram Kapoor and Vir Das were good fun to watch. Ram Kapoor was the better one among them as his character had some interesting colors. Vir Das on the other side played another Delhi Belly which by the way was fun. The maid played by Ila Arun was another good character in the movie. No big role for Rati Agnihotri.

In terms of making, the style is quite the same from Saket and it is that slight improvement in script, which has reduced the melodrama, makes the film more endearing. Dialogues are good. Screenplay as I said fizzles in the second half in establishing the escapist ideas of our leading man and the factors that change him were quite vague. Cinematography was good. Songs were nice and all of them were in sync with the flow.

So it’s a good fun watch and better than the Pyaar version. My rating for Shaadi Ke Side Effects is 3/5. Its a popcorn entertainer with some natural humor and not so natural complications.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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