Shaandaar has some really good moments of humor that will really make you laugh out loud and the main reason why that happens is the oozing chemistry of three actors; Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Pankaj Kapoor. Unfortunately, Vikas Bahl who gave us that gem named Queen, decides to follow an Aneez Bazmi style in this slightly outdated content and that takes the movie to a mad slap stick zone. And because of that it just becomes a sporadic comedy entertainer.

It is based on this destination wedding idea. I don’t exactly remember the family names, but the bride’s family was the Aroras. Both families are approaching this marriage as a business deal for financial survival and as usual, the bride’s opinion was never asked. The movie shows us the series of events that happens during this wedding which leads to interesting conclusions. Jagjinder Joginder is leading the event management team and Alia Arora is the sister of the bride. They are the hero and heroine btw.

Ultimately Vikas Bahl once again shows a movie on women empowerment as we could clearly see the girl finally expressing her confidence in being her. But it is the path they have chosen to show this thought that pampers the whole film. The sort of crap imagination you see in movies like “Welcome” is happening frequently in the movie. It is not that this kind of treatment was essential for the film. A very rooted treatment similar to that of Queen also would have worked wonderfully for the film. But what to do, such ambitious imaginations takes away the charm of the film and makes it look too silly.

On screen I will have to say that Shahid Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have definitely saved the movie from being a big bore. These three have a really sparkling sync and on screen you will really love them during those combination scenes. Sanjay Kapoor makes a comical come back and was okay in the character. Sanah Kapoor makes a convincing debut.

As I said, Vikas Bahl tries to be too comical with his plot. When a “could have been much better” plot becomes spoiled by certain clumsy imaginations, the disappointment is bigger. And there is this sloppy feel for the main events that happen in the screenplay. In between these overdone jokes, Vikas Bahl gets some really laughable moments. The tussle between the groom and JJ during the climax, the things they do when they all got high on that “vegetarian” Monday etc. are some instances which are kind of overdone for sure, but still succeeds in making you laugh. Anil Mehta’s cinematography was nice. Amit Trivedi once again impresses with music. The dialogues were interesting.

Overall Shaandaar is a lazy script made like a slap stick comedy. Acknowledging the three solid performers who added some real fun in to this wild imagination, the rating for Shaandaar is 2/5. It is no way near Queen. But the actors make it a passable one.

Final Thoughts

Shaandaar is a lazy script made like a slap stick comedy. It is no way near Queen. But the actors make it a passable one.


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