She Taxi

Publicized as the comeback movie of Kavya Madhavan (3rd come back I guess), She Taxi is a torturing movie with a sick storyline. The supposed to be thrilling entertainer is a collaboration amateur making and sloppy scripting. With its lead pair struggling miserably in creating a good on screen chemistry, She Taxi from Saji Surendran is a huge letdown.

Devayani is a taxi driver on her neighborhood. The struggling woman gets a chance to take 3 ladies to various locations for a week. In the mean time 3 failed businessmen are running away from a failed bank robbery attempt. Somewhere during the journey both gangs happens to meet and “surprisingly” they both knew about a missing Tibetan painting that could get them a lot of money (30 Crores to be precise.). The back stories of the characters and painting along with the tussle to get the painting is what drives She Taxi.

In a relatively crowded audience, it is a scary scenario when only one or two persons are laughing hearing the jokes. Stuffed heavily with counter dialogs that are not synced with the dubbing, She Taxi may remind you of those outdated Tamil movies that has parallel comedy track with buffoon like characters. The mega developments they show in the movie certainly prove that Chirakodinja Kinavukal has got it right about the stupid nature of our scripts. The smartness of characters is too amateurish, the humor is too dull and the sentiments are lame for the viewers to tolerate. When nothing else in a movie works, the Suraj Venjaramood becomes the savior with his Trivandrum slang jokes (in the movie they are all from Wayanadu).

Kavya Madhavan wasn’t that great with her performance. What she had to do was basically comedy and those scenes were she praises the group leader was quite boring. Anoop Menon is just about okay. Tini Tom was good. As the whole experience was disappointing, Suraj and Nobi looked outstanding. No comments about the lady gang as they don’t have much to do in this movie.

Saji Surendran has no plans to change his way of selecting scripts and making them as movies. The same old way of presenting jokes and sentiments is followed here. The script is of poor quality with too much of buildup and there is no real surprise in the movie. The dialogues aren’t good. Cinematography also was poor with too much of helicam shots and other unappealing shots; a few of them were shoddier than the Sancharam CDs. Background score was dull. The music isn’t that catchy compared to usual Bijibal standards, but I liked that Vijay Yesudas song.

She Taxi is full of sloppy humor and unattractive performances. Saji Surendran showed some signs of improvement with Angry Babies, but with this one he is back to square one. Rating for the movie is 1.5/5.

Final Thoughts

Saji Surendran showed some signs of improvement with Angry Babies, but with this one he is back to square one.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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