“Shikaari”, the first official release of Mammootty in 2012 is a huge disppointment. A movie that tests the sense and patience of the audience. Its a movie made in both Kannada and Malayalam. I have seen glances of some kannada movies, from that I can say one thing for sure that “Shikaari” should be made only in Kannada. Malayalam movies are on a high now and we certainly dont want outdated style movies like “Shikaari”.

The basic theme is about a new generation software engineer reading a manuscript of an old novel with a backdrop of Indian freedom struggle and falling in love with the characters in the novel. The engineer (played by Mammootty) goes after the missing pages of the novel to know what happened to the characters. The directors intention is to make us understand the value of the freedom. But such a miserable story can not convey these sort of emotions. Outdated style of romance, no spark in writing, nothing fresh in narrative and overall the movie is a totally dragging.
In the performance side, there is no one to blame. Everyone has delivered what they were supposed to deliver. Thanks to Mammootty and Innocent for giving something for the audience to cheer.

The disaster of the movie comes in the technical side. At the beginning the movie was looking interesting with its natural flow in dialogs n all. But soon the narrative started the script lost its grip. Its almost like reading a 1st standard malayalam story type narration. And the interesting thing is that Mammootty’s software engineer character falls in love with the character of Karunan (I think I am correct) very passionately. There was nothing in the movie for the software engineer to love that character. When the narrative started the flash back version of Mammootty’s character had an intro song which I felt as a total nonsense. Most of the songs were not at all necessary. The two romances in the movie also were totally out of sync. An unnecessary cameo of Kannada star Aditya.
Director Abhay Simha’s Shikaari is a poorly crafted out dated movie which will test your patience.
Rating 2/5. Avoidable

Final Thoughts

Director Abhay Simha's Shikaari is a poorly crafted out dated movie which will test your patience.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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