Ship Of Theseus

ship-of-theseusl-reviewIt’s not a content that tries to stamp any kind of ideology or perspective. Ship Of Theseus directed by Anand Gandhi is a 143 minutes long debate on the silver screen about the various aspects of the purpose of living. It’s an experience that is meant to enlighten you with its paradox and if you have the patience to observe and think about the substance that has been put forward, it will definitely elevate you in some level.

The movie traverses through the lives of a visually challenged photographer Aaliya, a jain monk Maitreya, who is an activist trying to ban animal testing in India and Navin, who is a stockbroker. Aaliya’s photography is by sensing the sounds and after undergoing a cornea surgery, she starts to feel uncomfortable about her photography skills. Maitreya who is on a fight against animal testing suffers from lever cirrhosis and is forced to take the medicines which are in a way against his principles. Navin who is a stockbroker has undergone a kidney transplant surgery. And when he realizes the fact that some poor man’s kidney was stolen by a charitable trust for another person, he sets off to help the poor guy. In an intriguing narration that has the human body as the ship, Anand Gandhi raises the same irony of whether the new ship will be the same.

Director who has previously created impressive short films has made three shorts here interlinked through a fitting climax. More than the Ship Of Theseus scenario, I was impressed by the debate that’s there in the film. It’s quite relevant and with both sides having some sensible points to argue with, the movie has that unique engaging factor.

The making is really an impressive one and the way Anand Gandhi conceived these intellectual thoughts demands appreciation. The screenplay is a slow one, but it can’t be termed as a dragger as it demands that much of time for us to sync in with these characters. The cinematography of the film was really fantastic; hats off to Pankaj Kumar for those visual beauties.

The cast have given their cent percent to the performance. Aida El-Kashef as Aaliya was really good and Sohum Shah also did his part nicely as Navin. For me the real pick among the actors was Mr Neeraj Kabi who played the role of the monk. His character had that grace and with that physical transformation towards the end, he manages to get that admiration. The rest of the supporting cast including the arguing husband of Aaliya, the junior advocate who argues with the monk and the characters coming in Navin’s journey also gives their best to give some reality to this content.

If you wish to experience something different from the typical spoon feeding films, Ship Of Theseus is a must watch. Lush visuals and an intriguing content will surely remain in your brain for some time. My rating is a 4/5 for this unique feature film.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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