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Shuddh-Desi-Romance-reviewIt’s that contemporary satire on modern day relationships which is feared to get committed into a serious relationship. Shuddh Desi Romance is a delightful ride through the immature characters who just can’t find out what’s going on with them. With Jaideep Sahni being sarcastic on system and the rebel at the right points, this Maneesh Sharma movie never really derails or disappoints with its raw treatment.

The story basically narrates the confusions of three young bloods about getting committed into a serious relationship with the one they found it comfortable. They have packed the trailer so smartly that I can’t reveal the plot here and tell the excuse that all these were there in the promos. Raghu, Gayathri and Tara are the chief protagonists here. Raghu gets into a relationship with both of them at slightly different time zones in a very frank manner without any buildups. With each relationship starting with conditions that they won’t make it a big deal, the jitters starts to hassle these characters once they get into that “don’t know what to do” state. How they solve it eventually is what the film all about.

It’s definitely Jaideep Sahni’s refreshing writing that makes the movie so engaging. The script never goes into any clichéd zones and that confusion of the characters in saying yes has been maintained throughout the content with pleasing amount of humor. As I said earlier writer has used the sarcasm against the downs in both the existing marriage concepts and also the new era’s relationships that doesn’t know to handle the next level. The male lead has been shaped as a childish character to show the childishness in these affairs and the leading ladies are on the much cooler side which in a way takes away a lot of typicality from the story.

When you get that perfect cast to portray your characters, more than half of the meal becomes delicious.  Sushanth Singh Rajput is really comfortable in his character and the man has emoted the confusions and silliness very nicely. Parineeti Chopra once again dons a cheerful character. She got the required attitude correctly. Vani Kapoor has also played her part that required a covering of maturity nicely. Rishi Kapoor as expected cracks the audience with his hilarious comedy rendering.

In the making, Maneesh Sharma in a way goes back to his Band Baaja Baaraat backdrop with the middle class characters and also with the wedding factor. But he has managed to conceive Sahni’s unconventional idea without making it look too typical. Script is engagingly paced with cyclic repetition of events. Many sequences are there to make you LOL. The way Rishi Kapoor’s character reacts to the attitude of the three, the sensible conversation between the girl friends, the bathroom dilemma etc will surely be remembered. I felt a bit exaggeration in the way he built up the intensity of relationships. Cinematography is good and the music is also enjoyable.

Overall, Shuddh Desi Romance is an interesting and entertaining take on modern day relationships. It’s tough to find Bollywood romcom’s with less melodrama and for those who wish to see something different, this will surely please you. My rating is 3.5/5 and the thumbs are up.

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