silence-reviewWhen you completely analyze the movie Silence, it will be very difficult to understand the relevance of the first half of the movie. A first half that sets up the thriller in a very typical manner and a second half that totally gets fizzled away over lack of complexities and surprises makes this movie from V K Prakash an unimpressive content that got a very impressive technical support.

Aravind is a young lawyer in the Bangalore high court who has just gained this prestigious status of becoming the youngest judge. Soon after he gets into this position a prank call from a stranger starts to annoy him. The movie basically goes behind the source of this phone call and the dramas and thrills that unveils after the man behind these acts were found.

As I mentioned in the first line, the first half of the movie doesn’t really go to an exciting level but still manages to create a curiosity in the audience and also evokes a hope that some worthy surprises are there to be followed. But as soon as the second half begins the movie goes to another terrain and all those first half car chases, kidnapping and the pre-interval stunts started to look irrelevant for me.  All these build ups to trigger someone emotionally without challenging him in a public domain? It was difficult for me to digest. And the murder mystery in the second half and the autopsy idea were just not enough to keep the audience excited.

I don’t find much negatives in the making style of V K Prakash. In a way he has enhanced the quality of the charmless script of Y V Rajesh. The script cant explain the need of many of the buildups. The tempo of the narrative is constant and the lack of acceleration at any point creates discomfort for the viewer. Dialogues were good. For me the star of the show was the cinematographer Manoj Kumar Khatoi who created some really dynamic and engaging frames for the movie. Those car chases and many shots in the busy streets looked really appealing and it really improved the visual appeal of the movie in some level. The cuts of Mahesh Narayanan were also really nice. Ratheesh Vega’s music is not that great and the placing of the main theme music in the second half was really a big bore.

Mammootty is cool and comfortable as Aravind. Pallavi Chandran was okay in her wife avatar. Anoop Menon did his part nicely as the cool cop with his usual mannerisms. The other actor who got something to perform was Basil and he has done the part neatly. Joy Mathew, Kavitha Nair, Aparna Nair, Sudheer Karamana and many more are there in the star cast as small characters.

The content of Silence is not going to make you applaud but some technical aspects are surely going to attract you. The rating from my side is 2.5/5 and the majority of that two and a half goes to the cinematographer for his efforts behind the camera. Appealing posters and yawning viewers.


Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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