Singh is Bling

When you compare it with the recent movies of director Prabhudheva, the amount of misogyny in the content of Singh is Bling is really low and the only main attraction of this slapstick comedy would be that achievement. For the first time in my life I saw “story and screenplay” credit being given to a production company and if they were intending to say that it was a collaborative effort, then that team needs to be changed.

Raftaar Singh is this jobless young Sikh. His father is mad at him for not doing any proper job and his mother always saves him from the father’s scolding. At one point the frustrated father asks him to go to Goa and join his friend’s Casino business. The movie is basically about Raftaar’s Goa life where he gets to meet a Romanian girl named Sara. How he helps her in various things and how the romance blossoms is what Singh is Bling showing us.

The comedy that is there in the script doesn’t really stand out from the typical kind of Prabhudeva comedy. The only main difference is that the usual obsession of hero on seeing any body part of the heroine isn’t there in this film. That helps the movie a lot in not being disgusting. But still the theme is desperately set for skit worthy comedies, the 80’s sentiments and laughable villains. The jokes work occasionally. More than the verbal fun it is those physical gimmicks comedy.

Akshay Kumar repeats his goofy Singh avatar after Singh is King. Amy Jackson has been presented as a foreigner and the girl has put in a good effort to pull off those action scenes. Well about Lara Dutta my reactions are mixed. At some points she handles the comedy nicely while at some other places she becomes an annoyance. Kay Kay Menon is simply wasted in the antagonist role.

Prabhudheva follows his usual type of making. The humor is more of a cartoonish one and the action over the top. Script only focuses on the verbal and gimmicked humor and the story part is a wafer thin idea. The music wasn’t that great and the other technical aspects like cinematography and edits also fails to create an impression. The precision they showed for the graphics in that Lion sequence wasn’t there in many minimal CGI scenes. In choreography too Prabhudheva sort of repeats his signature style.

To sum it up, Singh is Bling isn’t a torture for sure. But it’s the same old sloppy comedy with less non veg jokes. The rating for the film is 2/5. I really envy that guy who sat near me and laughed like this was the best comedy bollywood had produced in the last decade.

Final Thoughts

Singh is Bling isn’t a torture for sure. But it’s the same old sloppy comedy with less non veg jokes.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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