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Sound-Thoma-reviewWell, an altered version of Benny P Nairambalam’s previous work Marrykundoru Kunjaadu. That’s what I felt about Dileep’s Vishu release Sound Thoma directed by hat trick hit maker Vyshak. It is a movie that is targeted for the audience who are there to laugh for the spontaneous humor. With a formula script that fails to impress the audience and ample amount of dialog humor, Sound thoma is a onetime watchable average flick.

The movie is about Thoma who has a cleft lip. His father is a greedy miser who is only bothered about earning. He spends only to earn something better than the amount spent. Thoma’s elder brother married a Muslim girl and was thrown out of his house for this act. The movie is about Thoma’s attempt to make his father realize about the value of relationships and humanity over wealth and power.  The dramas that happen in the pursuit and the love story of Thoma are the content of this formula festival entertainer.

Well the biggest disappointment is the script that cannot be tagged under the fresh criteria. The character Thoma will surely remind us many of Dileep’s previous experiments like Kunjikoonan, Chandhu Pottu and Marykkundoru Kunjaadu. A weak comical character with disabilities that can be used to add humor in the script – that’s Thoma. Larger percentage of the humor in the movie is closely associated with the disability of the central protagonist to communicate properly. Conventional clichés and unconvincing character boosting towards the climax takes away the charm from Sound Thoma. Vyshak tried to embed some action sequences towards the climax but sadly it was quite difficult for the audience to cheer for the hero.

On screen, Dileep and Sai Kumar are the real performers of this entertainer. Dileep’s character and his portrayal hold the major share of humor and the actor deserves a pat for his performance. Sai Kumar shines as the antagonist father. Namitha Pramod doesn’t really get a chance to perform in the acting side and when offered a chance in the songs, she has given her full energy. Mukesh was good and Suraj was in his usual color. Dharman, Shajon, Nedumudi Venu, Joju, Vijayaraghavan, Reshmi Boban and many others are there in the star cast all have done a good job. The actor who portrayed the inspector character wasn’t that impressive and his dubbing was bizarre.

Vyshak has tried his best to make the formula script an engaging one, but sadly towards the climax he loses the grip and film falls in the cliché zone. Benny P Nairambalam’s dialogs are nice especially in the humor side. But here he depended a lot on Thoma’s disability on the word “tta”. The preachy dialogs were quite outdated and the screenplay overall was too easy to predict. Cinematography is satisfactory. Gopi Sundar seems to be restricted when it came to music side. The opening song was an impressive one. The choreography of the song “Kanni Penne” reminds us of the song “Appadi Podu” at times.

Overall, Sound Thoma is a festival formula entertainer that lacks fresh content. It definitely has ample amount of humor to make you laugh. But sadly there is nothing to make you clap and smile at the end. I am giving 2.5/5 for this one. Recommended for a one time fun watch.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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