Seeing Srikanth and Raai Laxmi in that ghost avatar in the posters, I was expecting at least the quality of Aranmanai franchise. But with cluttered imagination and ridiculous story line Sowcarpettai is an absolute crap. It is just as if they wanted to create a horror movie but has no idea on what to create. Even the generous body display of the leading lady can’t save the movie from being 140 minutes long absurdity.

Siva and Maya are the couples who just got married. They were living in Siva’s big house and as Siva’s father took money from a local money lender to build that house they got threatened for not paying the dues and subsequently the couple got murdered soon after their marriage. How the ghosts of this couple took revenge on the ones who took their lives is what Sowcarpettai all about.

If anyone felt I disclosed too much in that above paragraph, I am not at all sorry. In fact I really wish to tell you the entire entire plot so that you could all have a good laugh (But let’s not do that). The funny thing is that what I said is not even the story of the movie after a point. It is as if the director’s imagination went on and on. Exaggerated characters, stupid logic and outdated making are abundant in this movie and every single actor is a disaster. Half the audience left the theater at the mid point and the rest was sitting without any emotions and a few people laughed at places where they should have got frightened. And BTW this is a horror movie.

Srikanth looks disastrous trying to be that ghost. I thought he would show some improvement in the other avatar that comes in the last phase of the film, but that part was also laughable. Raai Laxmi has used the help of visual effects to give her performance that ghost feel. But from the camera angles to dressing style, you can clearly sense what’s her purpose in this movie; a tool for misogyny.  Power star, Saravanan and Singampuli were annoying to the core. Suman was mighty bore.

Vadivudaiyan seems to be learning direction with this project. Every frame has too much of faults. You can see even main actors looking at the camera in many scenes. And the sort of tacky drama you get to see is absolutely substandard. The story part of the movie is hilarious and it is just a casual imagination and it goes on like a story of a daily soap with many areas having zero significance. No offence to the females acted in the movie, the camera was ogling at you people. The dialogues are shitty, the jokes are dud, the stunts were poor, the songs were crap, cheap visual effects and the edits looked like censor cuts.

I am not recommending Sowcarpettai to any of you.  I really regretted my decision to uninstall games from my phone while watching this one. Any of you who have made an impressive short film on a very limited budget, don’t ever see this film. You will cry.

Final Thoughts

The dialogues are shitty, the jokes are dud, the stunts were poor, the songs were crap and the edits looked like censor cuts.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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