Spanish Masala

“Spanish Masala” from Lal Jose is not at all a bad movie. It is a delightful romantic comedy. A stress buster movie I would say. When you think about it as a Lal Jose movie, it is not up to the expectation. The twists and suspicious elements were not used much to give it a thriller feel.

The movie is about Charlie (Dileep) and his life at Spain as a cook at a retired embassy chief’s house. There he meets a lot of Characters like Kamela (chief’s daughter), Mr Menon (chief’s PA) played by Biju Menon, Kamela’s friend Rahul (Kunjakko Boban) and many others. How Charlies life goes into a new level, new happenings in his life and many other things are the main ingredients of Spanish Masala. One thing good about Spanish Masala is that the script writer Benny P Naiarambalam has delivered something different from his usual formula.

At the beginning the movie is a little abrupt, becoz of some funny dialogs that are a little too much explaining in nature. The movie goes into a real fun mood from the combination scenes of Dileep and Nelson (Pappan chettan). Rest of the first half has a lot of good sensible humor that will surely make you laugh. The ending of the first half is very appealing.

The second half of the movie also has some real good comedy stuff. The scene were Nelson (Pappan) comes to the home drunk after his wife cheats him is quite hilarious. The negative of the movie also comes in the second half. All those suspicious feelings about characters and the twists in the story line etc were explained in very simple way. That type of execution couldnt convince the audience. The twist in Spanish Masala reminded me about the Mammootty starer AZHAGIYA RAAVANAN’s twist. The intention was to make a feel good movie. But the execution made it a little disappointing.

In the performance side, the role of Charlie suits Dileep 100% and he has given his full for the completion of the characters, the Spanish actress Daniela Zacherl has given a somewhat convincing performance. Chakkochan has did his job Smartly. Biju Menon wasnt used up to his caliber. But still it was a memorable character. But for me the real star of the movie was Nelson. Whatever be your opinion about the movie, but Nelson just grabbed the attention of every one with his flawless comical performance as Pappan. Too good. That guy has a great future.

In the technical side, direction of Lal Jose showed some errors here n there. The way he presented the Spanish actress could have been better. Well the script lacks a kick. It is quite pleasant in nature. But at some points in the second half it lost its grip. There are some good dialogs there in the second half about love and life. Editing wasnt that smooth. Lokanathan has tried his best to capture the beauty of Spain. Music of Vidhya Sagar is also not up to the expectation.

Overall Spanish Masala is a good movie that will give you a nice time to relax and laugh. It is not up to the expectation for sure. But still it guarantees some amount of entertainment. My rating for Lal Jose’s Spanish Masala is 3/5.
Content is too simple. But still entertainment is there.

Final Thoughts

Spanish Masala is a good movie that will give you a nice time to relax and laugh. It is not up to the expectation for sure.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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