Step Up Revolution

The new movie in the Step Up series doesn’t really offer anything beyond cool moves. Much like its prequels, Revolution is also a showcase of eye candy dance with a story structure that has nothing to offer new. There is a message and purpose for the story, but the honesty behind such an embedded message is questionable.

The movie revolves around the dance group called The Mob who is on a mission to make public surprise dance (flash mob). Their aim is to get maximum hits (10 million) for the YouTube video of their Flash Mob and get the prize money which YouTube has announced. On their way to achieving it they have to face set backs from certain so called development process by an industrial group. Now the mob decides to change their course of showcasing themselves and focusing on the issue which has affected them badly. How Mob stops the so called development process with the help of their dancing talent is all about Revolution.

The nicely merged love story of the leads connects the good and evil in this movie. Sean is a part time waiter, a passionate dancer and the head of the Mob. Emily is also another passionate dancer who is the daughter of the person who owns the company which is planning to do the development process. The elements such as passion, romance, connection, misunderstanding and revenge are quite familiar for all of us. Step Up also offers the same formula. The top notch choreography of the dance sequences are the only delightful parts of this movie.

Performance wise Ryan Guzman as Sean is impressive as the cool lover boy. But as a dancer I am not that impressed. Kathryn McCormick delivers a descent outing as Emily. The rest of the cast never really disappoints, but their abundance just doesn’t allow the audience to remember them all.

Technically, the direction is satisfying. Screenplay is average with occasional dragging nature. Dialogs are cool, but kind of familiar cool stuff. Cinematography is also good. Apart from that Rope item in the climax dance, 3 D wasn’t really used to entertain. Choreography is awesome. Especially the two revenge attempts of the Mob. The climax fight was also cool with usage of various properties to showcase a message. The cameo of Adam Sevani as Moose gives the audience something to really cheer.

Overall, Step Up revolution is just what it promised. Cool dance performances with a cliche inspirational story. I am giving 2.5/5 for this package. Watch it for the dance.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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