Student of The Year

Student of the year from Karan Johar is a fruit salad. Karan has nicely embedded all his previous films characters and their characteristics in his new venture. With a pinch of three idiots in the theme, SOTY from Dharma productions is good fun. Karan Johar gets back to his safe zone of multistarer love stories and this time the good thing is that the signature melodrama of his type of films is missing.

Well the plot of Student of the year is very simple and clear. St Theresa’s school in Dehradoon is a top class educational institution. Rohan is the second child of a wealthy industrialist, Abhimanyu hails from a middle class family and Shanaya is also in the elite league.  Shanaya is Rohan’s girlfriend. Abhimanyu’s entry to school upsets Rohan who had this rockstar image. His regular fights with Abhimanyu at one point makes them thick friends (some selfless acts).  When everything goes smoothly the Student Of the Year competition is announced and this creates rivalry among all friends. Abhimanyu wants to become SOTY as he wants to go for higher studies using the scholarship. Rohan wants to prove his point to his dad who considers him as a looser. How the two friends compete and how badly it affects the dean of the institution Yoginder Vasisht is all about the movie.

Well the plot is quite simple and Karan uses his previous stereo type characters similar to the ones we have seen in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum.  Shades of Mohobbatein is also there with some influence of it in building the school atmosphere. Luckily karan has increased his narration speed. With cool dialogs all over the place, Student of the year satisfies its viewer.

On screen, Sidharth and Varun are really promising. Both carried their roles safely and smoothly. Alia was a letdown from my perspective. Her role wasn’t that important in the narrative and was used as a cliché triangular love story aid. Rishi Kapoor smoothly plays the role of the dean. Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor also plays their part cleanly.

In the making, descent outing as a director by Kjo. He did well in his comfort zone. Screenplay is engaging. The student of the year competition part could have been a bit more compact. The story uses all those Karan Johar elements such as triangular love story, Gay jokes, musical melodramas etc. Dialogs are pretty cool. Ayanka Bose’s cinematography is damn good. Vishal and Shekhar satisfies the audience with their typical English Hindi songs.

Overall Student of the Year from Karan Johar is a cool fun package that won’t disappoint you. This movie has everything for you if you are looking for popcorn fun film with friends. I am giving 3/5 for this Karan Johar movie. Just some good time pass fun.

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